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Blindspot's Boss on Weller's Bombshell Confession and What's Next

Talk about a bombshell

Tim Surette

Blindspot has had its share of face-melting reveals over its twisty and turny run, but the Season 3 fall finale slapped us upside the head harder than any other massive development.

Are you sitting down for this? Here we go: Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) admitted to Jane (Jaimie Alexander) that he not only met her daughter in Berlin, but he *gulp* killed her. Cut to black. That's not exactly the best way to go into the holidays, and fans must be wondering WHAT IN THE ACTUAL F?

To help explain what really happened and what's coming next -- as well as who Hirst (Mary Stuart Masterson) is working for and Tasha's (Audrey Esparza) growing feelings for Reade (Rob Brown) -- we called up Blindspot creator Martin Gero.

Another bump in the road for Kurt and Jane, eh?
Martin Gero: Well, you know they can't just live together happily forever, we're a TV show, we have to give them some bumps. I will say this, we're going to spend a lot of time in the next episode really digging into what happened. Weller is going to sit her down and explain everything so we'll be able to hear that and we'll see it in flashbacks. And all I'll say is I think the toughest thing to get over for Jane -- aside from the death of her daughter, which is huge obviously -- is the betrayal that Weller didn't tell her sooner. I think that's the thing that's going to be the hard pill to swallow. It's going to be hard for her to get past that.

Sullivan Stapleton, Blindspot

Sullivan Stapleton, Blindspot

Barbara Nitke/NBC/WarnerBros

So we know what happened -- Weller killed Avery -- but now Weller is going to explain how it happened?
Gero: Yeah, and the context of it, and that he didn't murder her daughter in cold blood and -- well, you'll see. It's a real painful story for him and it's painful for her to hear. But this is Roman's (Luke Mitchell) plan from the beginning, part of the reason he did these tattoos is he wanted to punish Jane for choosing the team and choosing Weller over him, and he wants to ruin all of these relationships and so far he's doing a pretty good job.

I'll say! Roman told Weller that the only way Hirst would go down was with a bullet. Weller didn't use a bullet, instead he arrested her.
Gero: Yeah, he's a good man! It's tough because obviously he made a choice. No matter what, he wasn't going to murder someone for Roman even if that meant Jane finding out. I think what's valiant is when Roman decides to keep him on the hook a little longer, he just can't do it anymore. He can't go on being under Roman's thumb. That's why he tells Jane.

It sure looks like Hirst is working with Blake's dad. What's part of this "larger game" that she teased?
Gero: Obviously they're connected, and we reveal that although Hirst is a bad guy, she's working for a worse guy, and that is the target. All of a sudden all the stories this year dovetail together, and we realize Roman, who's been kind of off galavanting around the world, we're like, "What are these stories about?" And we realize that while our team is going to start circling around Crawford (David Morse) from the outside using the tattoos that Roman has given him, he's infiltrated the inside, so it's kind of a two-pronged attack and that's going to make for some interesting storytelling.

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What is that background between Roman and Crawford?
Gero: All I'll say is Hank Crawford is a very evil man who runs a very evil corporation, and it has some personal relevance to Roman. And I've already said too much. [Laughs] Roman has decided that by hook or by crook he's going to take this guy down, but it's not easy, he's one of the world's most powerful men. That's why he needs the FBI team doing what they're doing while he's working the problem from the inside. And it's complicated too, I think, because Roman thought he would just use Blake (Tori Anderson) to get to her father, but the reality is that he's starting to have legit feelings for her, and that complicates things further.

I can't not talk about that little info about Tasha maybe starting to have feelings for Reade. Is this finally happening?
Gero: I think [these feelings] are certainly growing, and I think that when Tasha realizes that she's losing her window here -- Reade's in love, he's thinking about getting engaged -- that's a lot for her. Tasha's not so great about talking about her feelings. It's a story we're exploring over the course of the year, and Patterson is kind of pushing her to say something, but it's not going to be easy for her.

Blindspot returns Friday, Jan. 12 at 8/7c on NBC.