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Blindspot: The Season's Secret Episode Title Code Got Cracked Already

This solution makes a very compelling case

Tim Surette

Blindspot creator Martin Gero is a total puzzle geek. His adoration of cryptography is the basis of NBC's drama, hence you'll see Patterson (Ashley Johnson) continually crack the codes of the tattoos on Jane (Jaimie Alexander), leading the FBI to save the world pretty much on a weekly basis (Fridays at 8/7c on NBC!).

But the codes aren't confined to what's happening on screen. Ever since the series debuted, Gero has hidden puzzles in Blindspot episode titles. In Season 1, all the titles were anagrams, which when unscrambled, spelled out a long message that related to the season. Halfway through Season 2, the titles became palindromes, with the center letters strung together to spell out "Kurt Weller SOS."

Gero confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that the seemingly innocuous episode titles in Season 3 do hold a new puzzle, but he warned, "It's a little trickier to find." Sounds like a job for the internet!

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Reddit user Cornicum appears to have cracked the code. The episode titles are not obviously puzzles this season, but there is one common factor in all of them. There's a letter pattern that goes letter-different letter-letter, where "letter" is the same. Using the "different letter" that's sandwiched between them, the episode titles begin to spell out a message.

For example, the premiere episode was titled "Back to the Grind." You'll notice the T-O-T pattern; we'd keep the "O." Episode 2 was called "Enemy Bag of Tricks," which gives us E-N-E, and we keep the "N." And so on and so on. Let's put them together so far, shall we?

Back to the Grind = O
Enemy Bag of Tricks = N
Upside Down Craft = E
Gunplay Ricochet = O
This Profound Legacy = F
Adoring Suspect = U
Fix My Present Havoc = S
City Folk Under Wraps = W
Hot Burning Flames = I
Balance of Might = L
Technology Wizards = L
Two Legendary Chums = G

Put those together, and we get: One Of Us Will G---, with the remainder of the message yet to come. Whatever the message is, I can't help but think it's a bad one.

Blindspot airs Friday nights at 8/7c on NBC.