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Blindspot Recap: Who Is Cade?

Has Jane finally met her match?

Liz Raftery

Monday's episode of Blindspotwas perhaps the show's strongest to date, weaving in a twisty case of the week with the series' larger mythology, and introducing a memorable new villain to boot.

One point of frustration: Jane (Jaimie Alexander) keeps saying she doesn't trust Oscar (Francois Arnaud), and yet she continues to accept everything he tells her basically at face value. Granted, Oscar does kind of have her over a barrel after that threat on Weller's (Sullivan Stapleton) life, but after Monday's episode, it's clear that Jane needs to start asking more questions, stat.

At the start of the episode, while Oscar's asking Jane to install a GPS tracker in the FBI van, Reade (Rob Brown) wakes up from his head-clunk last week to find his own gun pointed at the back of his head. A guy who sounds like Bane warns him to stop investigating Tom Carter's disappearance - or else the people Reade loves will start to die. Cut to a picture of Weller's sister Sarah (Jordana Spiro), which is enough to scare the bejesus out of Reade, so he has no choice but to sheepishly tell Mayfair that he may have jumped the gun and doesn't have any information to share with her after all. Mayfair, who came to the office in the middle of the night to meet Reade, is pissed, and seems like she's still harboring her own suspicions about Jane's potential knowledge of Carter's whereabouts.

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Meanwhile, the team is investigating an art heist. The piece that was stolen was a last-minute inclusion in an exhibition for a Banksy-like artist called Zomo, and happens to be a perfect match for Jane's burning rose tattoo. They head to the gallery, where they meet Zomo's assistant, Kristy, who claims to have never seen her boss in the flesh. Jane sneaks out under the guise of retrieving her radio from the car, but instead uses the opportunity to plant the GPS device. A suspicious Reade stares at her as she walks out, until Zapata (Audrey Esparza) snaps him back to attention. While Jane's out of the room, Weller discovers a bomb hidden at the base of one of Zomo's sculptures. Before he can warn the team, it explodes, sending shrapnel straight into Weller's jugular.

Despite massive blood loss, Weller's going to make it. He'll be fine, as long as he avoids strenuous activity. (Ha.) Sarah is at the hospital phoning in updates to Reade. "I love you," she says. His response? "I'll get there as soon as I can." Wince.

Mayfair and the rest of the team quickly realize that the person who planted the bomb was targeting the FBI. Could it have been Zomo who put the tattoos on Jane's body? The investigation leads them to an apartment that's likely Zomo's studio, and Jane and Reade head there with a bomb-sniffing dog. Through the peephole, they see a man tied up and bleeding in a chair. Jane runs into the room and promptly gets shot with a bullet that comes in through the window. Luckily, it just strikes the bulletproof vest Jane's wearing. Unluckily, the shooter has changed into FBI gear so now he just looks like one of the team - meaning Reade runs right by him on his way to find the sniper.

In his new FBI duds, the sniper runs outside, where he encounters Jane - who recognizes him from one of her flashbacks as a member of Oscar's crew. They start shooting at each other. By the time Reade and Zapata come to the rescue (realizing the target isn't the FBI in general, but Jane specifically), Jane has ditched her radio and disappeared. She places a call from a pay phone to "Joey's Pizza" - not actually a pizza place, by the looks of it - and says she needs to cancel her order. (That's a code.)

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At the hospital, Weller has also deduced that Jane is the real target. Mayfair tells him Jane ran away, but Weller insists that she's just trying to go off on her own to protect the FBI. He yanks out his IVs and goes back to headquarters, just in time for Patterson (Ashley Johnson) to reveal that the dead guy in the studio is actually an art school dropout named Eric. Could this be Zomo? Kristy, meanwhile, has been apprehended at JFK trying to flee the country. Weller and Reade interrogate her, and she says Zomo got an anonymous message a few days ago from someone who threatened to expose his identity. He met the caller in a park and the guy handed him a sketch of the burning rose and ordered him to paint it and include it in his show. Weller realizes that Kristy is Zomo, and she admits that Eric was her boyfriend. They were in on the Zomo ruse together but never thought it would result in murder.

Elsewhere, Jane tracks down Oscar and tells him she recognized the sniper. Oscar admits that it is one of their (former) cohorts - a volatile former team member named Cade (Tom Lipinski) who was kicked off of the operation by Jane after his delusional rants became too much to bear. According to Oscar, Cade was the person who shot the Bearded Man in Jane's safe house earlier this season. Oscar saved Jane's life that night, but Cade disappeared and has been on the run ever since. Jane, per usual, goes along with Oscar's suggestion that they need to team up and kill Cade.

They head to a garage, where they meet another associate of Oscar's (and Jane's apparently, though she doesn't remember him). He provides Jane and Oscar with a car and burner cell phones, but then opens the garage door to a hail of bullets from Cade, who's waiting outside. He bleeds out right there on the floor, but there's no time for emotional goodbyes. Jane and Oscar have to get the hell out of there before the police come. Jane stages the scene to make it look like a robbery.

Meanwhile, Patterson has traced the shrapnel from the gallery bomb to a power plant in Brooklyn. There's a huge ship parked at the dock nearby, and lo and behold, Cade is inside patching up the gunshot wound on his shoulder. Reade, Weller and Zapata board the ship and Cade locks them in a small room.

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At the same time, Oscar gets word that Cade has tortured and killed another one of their men. He wants to pull Jane out of the FBI until they've dealt with Cade, but instead, Jane forces Oscar to check in with "Joey's Pizza." With Jane listening in, Oscar's guy tells him that Cade has Reade, Weller and Zapata trapped. Jane carjacks Oscar at gunpoint and heads to the power plant to help them.

Jane boards the ship and tries to free Reade, Weller, and Zapata, but Cade sneaks up behind her and puts a gun to the back of her head. He asks her about Oscar (out of earshot of Weller and Reade, who clearly believe Cade sees Jane as merely another intruder). "Please don't kill me in front of my team," Jane begs, before attacking Cade and running away. Weller & Co. escape by blowing the door open. Jane and Cade fight on the deck of the ship, and just when things aren't looking so good for Jane, Oscar appears and shoots Cade in the stomach - then, tackles him and jumps overboard milliseconds before Weller and Reade arrive on the deck. Jane lies and says she shot Cade in the stomach, sending him overboard.

Back at headquarters, Weller and Mayfair read Jane the riot act for going rogue. She lies and says she tailed Cade from the artist's studio and tracked him to the power plant. Mayfair's skeptical, and takes her concerns to Reade, who reluctantly tells Mayfair he has no qualms about Jane anymore. Then, he heads to Weller's apartment and breaks up with Sarah. Sad.

Finally, Jane goes to her and Oscar's meeting place and practically runs over to embrace him (a move that doesn't go unnoticed). Cade's grudge felt personal, she notes, and it seems like he wanted Oscar to watch Jane die. Oscar admits that Cade once lost a loved one, and it was Oscar's fault. But anyway, they don't have anything to worry about since Cade's dead and the plan is "back on track."

... Except Cade isn't dead. Just before the credits start to roll, we see him carjack a man on the dock, and speed off like a (very angry) man on a mission. This can't be good.

Blindspot airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.