Audrey Esparza, <em>Blindspot</em> Audrey Esparza, Blindspot

After her harrowing experience on last week's Blindspot, Tasha Zapata (Audrey Esparza) has decided that Jane (Jaimie Alexander) is one of the good guys. But that doesn't mean she's letting her guard down in the workplace completely.

Tasha will now set her sights on a different colleague - but her theory may be a bit misguided. "The audience will be surprised as to where Tasha's suspicions shift," Esparza teases. "There is definitely more digging, more prying, more questions that have arisen because of this, but her focus is not Jane."

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Fortunately for Zapata, someone clearly has a vested interest in thwarting Reade's (Rob Brown) investigation into Tom Carter's disappearance, judging from that encounter his head had with a blunt object last week. But that doesn't mean that Zapata's dealings with the former CIA agent will stay buried.

"I think Tasha's always pushing her bottom," Esparza says. "Every time she thinks she's hit one, she'll manage to push it just a little bit more. We will definitely see her hit a place that she has to claw her way out of."

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