Buried beneath a case-of-the-week story involving Russian drug smugglers and a teen computer programmer whose codes fall into the wrong hands, we got a few important overarching developments this week on Blindspot.

It's starting to be a pretty lonely life for our mystery girl Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander), who learns on Monday's episode that it's not so easy to make friends after you crawl naked out of a duffel bag in Times Square with no knowledge of who you are or where you come from. Like Bruce Springsteen, Jane is just lookin' for a little human touch - but unfortunately for her, she only gets it via a steamy sex dream involving a faceless man with a tree tattooed on his arm.

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This little middle-of-the-night adventure results (strangely?) in Jane's therapist advising her to limit her interactions with Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) to business-only. But Weller doesn't even have a tree tattoo! No matter, according to the therapist. Jane is obviously projecting her own tattoos onto Weller (or something like that), and needs to keep her hormones in check if she doesn't want to lose it completely.

Weller, meanwhile, is getting the same advice from Mayfair (Marianna Jean-Baptiste), who believes that Weller's personal attachment to Jane is clouding his judgment and preventing him from being objective when it comes to her case. (She's right.)

Anyway, with Weller now giving Jane the cold shoulder, she's getting pretty desperate for a friend. First, she awkwardly asks Ana, the teenage hacker/fellow loner who's working with the FBI, if she'd like to, you know, get a coffee or see a movie or even just have a conversation together sometime. Ana is like, "Umm ...," and Weller is pissed that Jane's overstepping her role - but softens when he realizes that Jane just wants a life outside of work, preferably with people who don't spend hours of every day looking at her naked body on a giant screen. Later, professional boundaries be damned, Jane invites the agents in charge of guarding her house out for a drink. No dice. How about in for a drink? They don't go for that either, but offer to send a bottle up for Jane to enjoy by herself, which is maybe the saddest thing I've ever heard. Next week on Blindspot: Jane joins Meetup.

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Then, as Jane retreats to her apartment, sad and alone, we get a glimpse of a man creepily keeping tabs on her building from across the street - and he has a tree tattoo on his arm. Someone revoke that therapist's license, STAT.

Other key developments:

-Weller finally has a conversation with his father (Jay O. Sanders), who reacts to the news that Taylor Shaw is alive (or is she?) by weeping profusely. But Weller's not buying that this proves his father's innocence, and seems convinced that Dad had something to do with Taylor/Jane's disappearance. Also, it seems like Papa Weller's health situation is pretty dire, with Sarah (Jordana Spiro) telling her brother that doctors have given up on trying to cure their dad, and are now just trying to slow his lung cancer down.

-Based on the events of this episode, the FBI team now wonders if the person(s) behind Jane's tattoos might be a friend to the agency, rather than an enemy, since this week's clue led them to software that tracks government vehicles carrying high-profile officials. And, thanks to the computer whiz, the team discovers that even the tattoos that look like they're covering up other tattoos have hidden messages within them - meaning that each tattoo could have multiple meanings. (Which is convenient, given that the show now has at least one full season's worth of episodes to fill.)

-Zapata's (Audrey Esparza) gambling problem is out of control, but she pays off her debt with the money from CIA director Tom Carter (Michael Gaston) after getting shaken down by her bookie.

-It looks like next week, we'll finally get some answers about that case that Mayfair is trying so desperately to keep under wraps.

What did you think of the episode? Do you feel sorry for Jane? Is Weller's father hiding something? And who is the Tree Man? Share your theories in the comments!

Blindspot airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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