Monday's episode of Blindspotintroduced some potentially game-changing twists (CIA black sites! Zapata in cahoots with Tom Carter?!), but the real mystery - who exactly Jane (Jaimie Alexander) is and what happened to her - only grew deeper.

The episode begins with a well-intentioned dinner party thrown by Weller's (Sullivan Stapleton) sister Sarah (Jordana Spiro). But the reunion of the three (alleged) childhood friends goes horribly wrong when Jane starts to have a flashback, more vivid and disturbing than usual, after Kurt and Sarah start talking about their father. Hmmm...

Blindspot: Here's everything you need to know

As the episode wears on (there's a plot involving a fake hostage situation carried out by terrorists who have made a dirty bomb, as well as a near-shootout between the FBI and CIA in a cemetery, yada yada) we get more bits and drabs of Jane's fragmented memory. We see an unidentified man - Carter? Weller's father? - bringing her down a staircase into what looks like a dank basement, one that's crowded with malnourished children sleeping on cots or the ground.

As Jane's trying to piece together her memory, she has a couple of heart-to-hearts with Weller, telling him she's not sure if she knows how to deal with the weight of being his childhood friend/source of lifelong guilt Taylor Shaw. Weller neglects to mention that pesky isotope test, which indicates that Jane was born in sub-Saharan Africa and therefore directly contradicts the DNA test that confirmed she is, in fact, his former neighbor.

Then at the end of the episode, Sarah has a surprise for her brother: Their estranged father has returned. Weller seems... less than thrilled to see him, to say the least. Perhaps Sarah should just put a pin in any additional reunion plans.

So, Blindspot fans, what's your theory on Jane's backstory? Is she or is she not Taylor Shaw? And what happened to her (and all the other kids) in that basement? Here's a whole slew of Reddit theories to get you started. Share your own speculation in the comments!

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