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Blindspot's Creator Teases Huge Episode for Jeller Fans

Jane and Weller will go on a couple's mission

Tim Surette

It's been three weeks since we last saw an episode of Blindspot, and when we left, things were about to get very, very bad for everyone not involved in Sandstorm. Shepherd (Michelle Hurd) just got her hands on some barrels full of... something very dangerous and Nas (Archie Panjabi) said goodbye to the team as she took the fall for the botched raid earlier in the season.

But while everything else is threatening to burn down, something else might just be starting to get hot: Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and Weller's (Sullivan Stapleton) connection!

To get you ready for Blindspot's final four episodes, TVGuide.com got show creator Martin Gero on the phone to tease Jeller, Phase 2 and the rest of the season.

Jaimie Alexander, Sullivan Stapleton; Blindspot

Jaimie Alexander, Sullivan Stapleton; Blindspot

Barbara Nitke/NBC

I cannot read Thai! What was in those barrels that Shepherd picked up at the end of the last episode?

Martin Gero: I mean, they have nuclear symbols on them. SO I would be very, very worried about that. It looks like she's about to buy a lot of nuclear material. Radioactive material in Shepherd's hands is not a great idea.

We're still waiting to see what Sandstorm's master "Phase 2" plan is. How much of Phase 2 will we see in these final episodes?

Gero: These final four episodes of the season really almost play out as one giant finale. These episodes are super huge and have pretty big twists. But yeah, Phase 2 will play out over these next four episodes. I've always said we make these seasons like they're books in a series of novels you really like, so each season has a really great beginning, middle and end. And the end of this season is enormous, questions you've had since Episode 1 will be answered.

Can you tease a few of those questions that will be answered?

Gero: Sure, like why the tattoos? What is Shepherd's endgame? Why Kurt Weller? Huge, huge mythology questions will be answered.

The next episode we see Jane and Weller go on a mission together, and you know, they have that thing going on.

Gero: We left Season 1 in a pretty bad place for them; he was arresting her, he felt completely betrayed by her. Very organically over the course of Season 2 we've been repairing that relationship, because they obviously have an undeniable chemistry and attraction to each other. [Wednesday's episode] is a huge #Jeller episode for all of our Jeller 'shippers, they're finally getting back to what they had before it all fell apart.

Blindspot: Nas takes one for the team

Could that mean something physical happens between them?

Gero: I mean, it could. I've guaranteed all the people who want them to get together that this will be the season. We have four episodes left, so it will all start coming down.

So while we're waiting for them to kiss, what will they really be doing in this episode?

Gero: This is a really fun mission. Basically the creators of a Wikileaks-type organization have decided to give the secrets of businesses on the open market to the person who can run this kind of gauntlet of puzzles and cryptic codes. It's a huge puzzle episode, which I think our fans love. It has a really great guest star in Jewel Staite, obviously of Firefly and The L.A. Complex. It's a huge episode as well. I think a lot of people don't realize this, but we shot a fair amount of this episode in Thailand. There's a whole subplot with Shepherd that takes place in Bangkok, including a huge action sequence.

Finally, did we really say goodbye forever to Nas in the last episode?

Gero: Maybe.

Blindspot airs an all-new episode on Wednesday, April 26 at 8/7c on NBC.