Last week's Blindspot dropped a massive bombshell, even by Blindspot's standards: Jane (Jaimie Alexander) has a daughter somewhere out there!

So obviously her next step would be to seek out her little one and start being a mom, right? Ehhh, not so much. In this exclusive clip of this week's episode, Jane is speaking with Patterson (Ashley Johnson) and lets her know that she's made the decision to not go looking for her kid.

It's a shock to Patterson, who makes the point that her daughter could be searching for her. But for Jane, whose own past with her family has been sketchy at best, the idea of searching for her daughter after all this time only leads her to believe that she'll mess up her daughter's life.

Obviously Jane will come around at some point, because there's no way this show will sit on a revelation like that without exploring it, but the question is who her daughter really is. Something tells me she's going to play a big part in the twists and turns!

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