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Blindspot: Family Will Cause Even More Drama for Jane

Trust won't come easy for Sandstorm.

Tim Surette

Chances are you have a family, and chances are said family drives you absolutely bonkers sometimes. But your family drama is nothing near what Jane (Jaimie Alexander) is about to go through on Blindspot.

As we saw in the Season 2 premiere, Jane -- who is still putting the pieces of her past back together -- met her ruggedly handsome brother Roman (Luke Mitchell) as she started her new mission of infiltrating the (possible) terrorist group known as Sandstorm and he served as her contact to bring her back to the rest of the group. There she also met her adoptive mother Shepherd (Michelle Hurd), who took in Roman and Jane at a young age after their anti-apartheid parents were killed in South Africa.

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You'd think this family reunion would be filled with joy, mom's delicious meatloaf and old vacation slideshows, but that's not how Blindspot works at all. And in this week's episode, we'll see that getting the family back together will mean even more problems for poor Jane.

"Things are heating up in terms of the stakes, the family dynamic and trying to get Remi back, essentially," Mitchell tells TVGuide.com of Sandstorm's attempt to bring back its star agent into the fold. But because Jane's been embedded with the FBI for so long, it won't come easy. Particularly when a hard ass like Shepherd stands in the way and almost everything Jane is telling them is a lie.

Luke Mitchell, Jaimie Alexander; Blindspot

Luke Mitchell, Jaimie Alexander; Blindspot

Peter Kramer/NBC

"It's really tricky, Roman wants to trust her, he wants to believe in her," Mitchell says. "He has the most hope. He leads her back [to Sandstorm], he's willing to believe she can come back, whereas Shepherd is very skeptical. Based on what she's seen so far and the stories that Jane's told, she's not quite so ready to believe. She needs to know 100 percent that Jane is capable of being Remi again before she can trust her again, whereas Roman is much quicker at trusting and believing she can come back. It's going to play a huge part moving forward."

And we'll quickly see the difference in how Roman and Shepherd handle Jane in this week's episode. "Basically, Shepherd lays out a challenge, a test, and Roman and Jane go out on this mission," Mitchell says. "It becomes about what will Roman do if Jane doesn't succeed in the test, and further on it's about Roman really impressing upon Jane the importance of Jane finding her way back. Essentially, he's scared of what Shepherd might do if she finds out that Jane can't be Remi or Jane isn't on our side. If there's any doubt that Jane isn't the person we know her to be, then s*** is going to hit the fan."

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It doesn't take the most brilliant tattoo artist to know that Jane's return to Sandstorm will cause tension between Roman and Shepherd, and Mitchell teases Roman's upbringing with Remi and Shepherd as a powder keg waiting to explode. "Roman's this guy who's gone through some s---, man," he says. "He's just gone through so much s---. And he's always been the weaker of the two siblings, and Jane/Remi has always been there for him, and been his protector. Through that dynamic, he's kind of seen as not good enough, as not worthy. Except by Remi. His mom, Shepherd, the moment you think there's going to be a really nice moment, she physically or metaphorically slaps him. He can't catch a break."

So what would happen if Roman found out that Jane was lying to him? "He'll not respond well," Mitchell says with a laugh. "I don't know what Roman would do if he were to find out that Jane was playing him. I think it may ruin him. Like I said, she's his light and if that light were to evaporate... I honestly don't know what would do to Roman."

With any luck, we'll find out later this season.

Blindspot airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.