On this week's episode of Blindspot, we go in the way back machine with an episode centered around a flashback to when Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and Jane (Jaimie Alexander) went missing after going on a dangerous undercover mission, and in the present timeline, the rest of the team interrogates criminals who may know where they are.

The clip above appears to show the moment when either Jane or Weller makes the big decision to take one for the team and board a yacht where presumably a bunch of surly bad guys will be waiting for him/her.

Blindspot: A dash of Rich Dot Com makes everything better

Let me make a prediction: In the clip above, Weller was pulling one over on Jane and lied about the guard, so while she was distracted he went down to the yacht ending their argument of who should go. That sneaky Weller! And if you saw the promos for the episode, then you probably know where this is going.

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