Jaimie Alexander, <em>Blindspot</em> Jaimie Alexander, Blindspot

On NBC's Blindspot, the clues to Jane's (Jaimie Alexander) identity are hidden in plain sight - via the tattoos that someone has inked all over her body. They just need a little decoding.

But guess what, Blindspot fans? The same is true for the show itself. Is Jane really Taylor Shaw? Who kidnapped her, and why? And which FBI agents can be trusted? The answers to these mysteries may be buried in the show's weird episode titles.

Here's everything you need to know about NBC's Blindspot

The episode names, which sound a bit nonsensical on the surface (see: "Eight Slim Grins," "Authentic Flirt"), are actually anagrams - and they offer some major insight into what's happening on the show.

Here are a few examples:

-The title of the pilot ("Woe Has Joined") becomes "Who Is Jane Doe."

-Episode 2 ("A Stray Howl"), in which we learned about Weller's childhood friend who went missing, is an anagram for "Taylor Shaw."

-Episodes 7 and 8 ("Sent on Tour" and "Persecute Envoys") translate to "Trust No One," "Suspect Everyone." (In Episode 7, which aired last week, for instance, Weller discovered that Mayfair had been lying to him all along about her association with Guerrero. Trust no one indeed.)

Blindspot creator Martin Gero told Variety last month that the anagram titles, when put together "spell out a single message, starting from the first episode on." According to one Reddit user, the titles of the first 10 episodes (with a little punctuation added) could look a little something like this nifty poem:

"Who Is Jane Doe? / Taylor Shaw, the missing girl? / Or maybe not / The past will cloud our eyes / Trust no one / Suspect everyone / Lift the curtain / And unveil the mastermind."

By that interpretation, we should be getting some major answers in Episode 10 ("Evil Handmade Instrument" / "Unveil the Mastermind"), which will air on Nov. 23 and is presumably the final episode before the show goes on a holiday hiatus.

What do you think, Blindspot fans? Do the hidden messages change the way you view the show? Were you aware that the episode titles are anagrams? And if so ...



Blindspot airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.