We all have our own way of dealing with a broken heart.

For Blake Shelton, that coping mechanism evidently includes pushing around an empty stroller and telling a cameraman he wishes he'd had more to drink.

On Friday, Entertainment Tonight posted exclusive footage of the country singer and Voice judge acting pretty bizarrely in a Los Angeles parking lot. Earlier this week, it was made public that he and his wife of four years, Miranda Lambert, are divorcing.

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The camera caught Shelton and what appear to be two bodyguards on a street corner. Shelton was pushing a stroller with a pink blanket in the seat toward a black SUV.

After the cameraman asks if Shelton and Lambert will remain friends, he responds, "Just pushin' the stroller to the car." (Shelton and Lambert have no children.)

When the person behind the camera asks if he has any regrets, Shelton struggles to push the still-open stroller into the trunk of the SUV before drawling, "Yeah man, I shoulda drank more today."

Was he sending a pointed message to his ex-wife? Or just delivering a stroller for a friend? Unknown, though we imagine sales of Bacardi (his preferred liquor, which he likes to mix with Crystal Light or Sprite Zero to make "Blake-a-ritas") will shoot up in the coming weeks.

Even if the reporters didn't find his antics too funny, apparently Lambert did. She tweeted the following to Shelton:

Watch the video over at Entertainment Tonight.

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