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Watch Keegan-Michael Key Run Billy on the Street's Epic Gun-Buying Obstacle Course

The joke, of course, is that the obstacle course is much more difficult than it is to actually buy a gun

Liam Mathews

Billy On the Street, comedian Billy Eichner's abnormally intense man-on-the-street show on TruTV, has been killing the obstacle course game lately (not that it has a lot of competition, which only makes the level of detail in the obstacle courses better). Last week there was the "Can You Separate the Art from the Artist?" obstacle course where Robin Lord Taylor had to rescue a Cosby Show DVD from inside one of Bill Cosby's sweaters.

This week Billy's back with an obstacle course that outdoes any one he's done previously: Super-Sloppy Semi-Automatic Double Dare!, which satirizes America's problematic love affair with guns.

In the epic seven-minute clip, Key & Peele's Keegan-Michael Key runs a Family Double Dare-inspired obstacle course set up in the parking lot of Giants Stadium where he has to legally buy guns in America.

​Keegan-Michael Key and Billy Eichner, Billy on the Street

Keegan-Michael Key and Billy Eichner, Billy on the Street


In other words, "the world's first obstacle course without any real obstacles." Key has to "fudge the Second Amendment" (smearing chocolate syrup all over a giant printout of the Bill of Rights to simulate a modern misinterpretation of "a well-regulated militia"), dig for a shotgun buried in a sandbox (since in Michigan it's legal to open carry at a daycare), and go inside one of those glass boxes that blow money around in order to get cash to lobby senators on behalf of the NRA, among numerous other fact-based obstacles.

It's Sam Bee-caliber political comedy, as Eichner sarcastically congratulates himself.

Billy On the Street airs Tuesdays at 10:30/9:30c on TruTV.