Alexa Ray Joel and Billy Joel Alexa Ray Joel and Billy Joel

Billy Joel hired a private investigator to locate the person who was reportedly stalking his daughter, the New York Post reports.

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Joel hired a bodyguard to protect Alexa Ray, 27, his daughter with Christie Brinkley, before enlisting a private security firm recommended by Paul McCartney. The firm was able to locate the stalker in Austin, Minn.

Sheryl Finley, 40, was charged with stalking Joel's daughter. Over several months, she reportedly sent Ray more than 60 Facebook messages, some of which involved "pedophilia, sadistic sexual behavior, violent physical assaults and murder," according to court records.

Finley, who spent time in a mental institution in 2010, according to the Post, told law enforcement that she didn't intend to act on the threats made in the messages "during this life," according to court records.