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Bill Cosby's stand-up performance in Hamilton, Ontario was disrupted by protesters Friday night.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cosby had been on stage only a few minutes when he praised the protesters outside the Canadian theater for suffering the harsh winter weather to "say what they believed in." Then, when he began his stand-up act, approximately 30 women stood up in the audience and removed their coats to reveal white T-shirts with the words "We Believe the Women" on the fronts and backs. Some of the protesters blew whistles, while others chanted "We believe the women."

As security entered the theater to remove the protesters, Cosby calmly urged them to "let them have their say." A few audience members responded by showing their support for Cosby, yelling "We believe the men" and "We love you, Bill." This only prompted Cosby to plead louder, "Stop, it will calm."

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The Hollywood Reporter reports that when it seemed the protests were over, a man stood up from his seat and called Cosby a "piece of shit" and a "rapist." The comedian then urged, "stop, no, no, don't do this," as security removed the last of the protesters.

"Now... we're going to continue with our show," Cosby said to the half-empty theater and proceeded to do his stand-up set without further incident.

The Hamilton performance was the third and final of Cosby's three shows in Canada this week. One night prior, Cosby's performance in London, Ontario was interrupted by one protester in the audience while over 100 protested outside the theater. During the show, Cosby also joked to a female audience member getting a drink that she should "be careful drinking around me."