The Biggest Loser, Migdalia The Biggest Loser, Migdalia

Biggest Loser's Green Team may have began the competition strong by winning Week 1's task, but they soon faced challenge after challenge. By the third week, Migdalia Sebren, 28, walked out of the gym — and almost the show — when Jillian pushed her beyond her emotional limits. A week later, Migdalia and her mother Miggy were hit with a 2-pound disadvantage. Even without that hit, their meager weight loss that week — Migdalia shed 4 pounds and Miggy only 1 — would have put them at risk for elimination anyway.

"We had a rough week and it wasn't so much about the 2 pounds, it was the comments that were thrown at us," Migdalia tells

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Migdalia pleaded with her fellow contestants to vote her out and let her mom stay. They listened. Today, Migdalia is down about 60 pounds from her starting weight of 240. The homemaker says she's "training for a half marathon in March" and is "doing great."

She says the key to continuing her progress is to make exercise enjoyable. "I don't go into a workout just because I have to... I go do things I like to do and have fun with it."

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Sebren has also started eating healthier, incorporating foods like spinach, carrots, and her favorite new meal, a healthy version of stuffed chicken.

Although Migdalia's time on the ranch was somewhat limited, she credits trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels for teaching one important lesson: "Keep moving. Not only from workouts, but things in life; [don't] let it get on you."