Biggest Loser - Melissa Morgan Biggest Loser - Melissa Morgan

Melissa Morgan and husband Lance were a duo to watch from the first week on The Biggest Loser: Couples campus. Losing 19 pounds at the first weigh-in, then gaining a pound the following week — coincidentally when she had immunity — Melissa denied her trainers' and fellow contestants' accusations that she was strategically playing the game. When Melissa gained a pound once again in Week 6, she felt the same scale that sent her home also vindicated her.

"I'm just praying that the plus one from last night's episode validates what I said through the entire season, which was I'm not playing the game; I'm really struggling with my weight here," Morgan told

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The 29-year-old worked out primarily with Bob after the second week and concedes that she and Jillian Michaels "certainly didn't see eye to eye on things." Morgan added: "I didn't have the opportunity to speak with Jillian after the weigh-in, so I really don't know what her position is at this point."

Back at home and down to 175 pounds from her starting weight of 233, the mother of two says she's "addicted to boxing" and will do whatever it takes to reach her daily 3,600-calorie burn, even if it means sliding back and forth over her kitchen linoleum floor. "I burned my last 100 calories flying across the kitchen in my socks," she said.

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Despite her relatively short time on the ranch, Melissa says she now knows she's capable of anything. "I have always been the girl that doesn't believe in herself, doesn't believe that what she does matters ... After the workout with Bob, where he literally killed me, I realized I can do every single thing that I didn't believe I can do and it's enough. That's what's been good for me."

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