Sam Poueu and Stephanie Anderson Sam Poueu and Stephanie Anderson

Biggest Loser's Sam Poueu married fellow Season 9 contestant Stephanie Anderson on Saturday, according to Us Weekly.

The wedding took place at St. Paul's Catholic Church in San Francisco, Calif. — the same church where Anderson's parents were married 39 years ago.

The couple met at The Biggest Loser ranch in Calabasas, Calif., and began dating on the Loser's third episode. He proposed to her on the show in October 2010. By the season finale, the duo lost a collective 241 pounds.

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Last September, Poueu had a traumatic accident after falling 54 feet from a friend's roof deck. As a result, he punctured a lung, severed his kidney and shattered his pelvis. He also suffered a brain injury, fractured tibia and several facial fractures. It was a painful three-month recovery process but Anderson stood by his side, determined that the injury wouldn't deter their wedding plans."The day is going to be great," Anderson recently told the magazine. "It's so much bigger now than a wedding. It's a pure celebration of Sam's perseverance, of our family's perseverance to get through this with him and a great day that is another step into the rest of our lives together over the next 60, 70+ years!"