Question: Remember that show about those crazy polygamists out in Utah? It's been ages. Got anything at all on Big Love?

Answer: And how! The show is casting two, er, Big roles. First up is Ray Henry, Nicki's boss at the law firm and the (contradiction alert!) good-guy lawyer who's prosecuting the Roman Grant rape case. Even juicier is the character of Bill's half-brother, Franky, a 16-year-old hottie who was bounced from Juniper Creek for macking on an elder's intended. Not enough for ya? This season, you'll also meet Jerry Flute, a Native-American power player who pow-wows with Bill and Don (odds are he's opposed to the idea of the casino they intend to build on Blackfoot turf), and Rob O'Hare, a neighbor who doesn't subscribe to the "Sharing is caring!" approach to marriage that Bill's wives do.