After another season of lies, backstabbing and oh so much blood on people's hands, Big Brother has crowned a new winner.

Wednesday's 90-minute finale began with Steve, Vanessa and Liz each in the hunt for the $500,000 grand prize. Although all three of the players have been aligned for much of the game, it's now every houseguest for him- or herself in the three-part competition for the final Head of Household.

After more than three hours at what Steve calls the "carnival from hell," he fell off his apple in to the dipping liquid. (It looked a lot like blood, right? Or am I giving the producers too much credit?) Once Steve was out, Vanessa quickly put on her bully hat and talked Liz to giving up. Liz resisted temporarily, but eventually conceded, giving Vanessa the win and the automatic pass to the final round of the HOH.

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During the crossword-puzzle themed second round, Steve rightly assumed that he should have the edge over Liz. But thanks to some favorable editing, it seemed Liz might have edged him out. Alas, Liz was three minutes slower than Steve, which set up a Steve-Vanessa final round.

As usual, the final round involves an eight-question quiz where the players have to guess how the eight jury members completed a series of sentences. Steve led most of the game, but Vanessa tied things up going into the final question. However, Steve answered the final question correctly, becoming the final Head of Household and guaranteeing himself at least $50,000.Steve was literally shaking as he stood before his competitors to make the final eviction. And true to his word in the diary room, Steve made the only move that made sense for his game: He betrayed Vanessa and sent her to be the final member of the jury, leaving Liz speechless. (To her credit, Vanessa handled her bad luck with poise, and said she never fully trusted her Final 2 deal with Steve. Plus, she would have evicted him had she won, she told host Julie Chen during her exit interview.)

The eight jury members are equally shocked and happy to see Vanessa join their ranks, with Austin claiming that "the boy had become a man." The live jury Q&A was weak as usual (I much prefer past seasons when the jury Q&A was filmed ahead of time and edited.) The thrust of the questions for Steve suggested he was a floater with weak strategy, which he countered by explaining that he built layers of protection in his alliances. Meanwhile, Liz failed to really answer any of the questions she was asked and suggested she mostly deserved the win because she survived being a huge target as part of the twin twist.

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In their closing remarks, Liz pointed to her competition wins as the reason she should win, while Steve played up that he also had plenty of wins on his own and never was a puppet for other players during his HOH reigns. Oh, and he got out the biggest player of the game. (Is there really any other argument that needs to be made?)

After the votes were cast, it was super fan Steve who was crowned the winner by a vote of 6-3. (I'm saying Vanessa was still a little bitter and gave her vote to Liz as such.) Steve nearly burst into tears as his lifelong dream came true, but the excitement took over as he ran outside the house for his confetti shower.

Before signing off for the summer, The Chenbot announces that Jaaaames-uh was chosen as America's favorite player, which sends him home with $25,000 dollars.

Did the right person win? What did you think of the season overall?

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