Either Steve, Vanessa or Liz will win Big Brother 17 on Wednesday, but who cares at this point? The best part of the season went out the door last week: the one and only Johnny Mac. Was he the greatest player ever? Nope. Was he loud in the Diary Room? Yup. Was he totally and completely awesome? Hell yes. While Vanessa was crying and Austin couldn't keep his tuna beard off Liz, JMac was endlessly entertaining in his fantastically weird, randomly quirky ways — and just downright fun. We could all live life a little more like the Rockstar Dentist.

Here are 26 reasons why Johnny Mac was the best houseguest this season (and needs to win America's Favorite Player).

1. He's a dentist...


2. And figured out the twin twist because of Julia's crown on good ol' No. 9.

3. He taught us all how to properly floss.


4. His laugh.

5. He spelled "boogers" for a nose-themed Veto.


6. He has his priorities in order.

7. He wore a hoodie to a shower party.


8. It was awkward.


9. His back hair.

10. He has requirements for being a pawn.


11. But he won't stay on the block for you.


12. This is how he celebrated when he found out he wasn't going on the block.


13. He kept the Chenbot on her toes.

14. He was part of the best eviction of the season.

15. JMac + Power of Veto = #friendshipgoals

16. He quoted Halo in his (second) eviction speech...

17. And shaded Liz, who had no idea. :/

18. He had an alliance with Perry the praying mantis.

19. He gave us insight into Vanessa's mind.

20. Did we mention his laugh?

21. His brother has the same laugh.

22. He dragged the twins hard.

23. He reacted appropriately to Frankie.

24. He's as disgusted by Liztin as you are.

25. Really, flossing is important.


26. JMac, in a nutshell.

Never change, JMac, never change.

The Big Brother 17 finale airs Wednesday at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.

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