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Big Brother continued its "most twisted summer ever" on Thursday as it introduced viewers to the remaining contestants and revealed more about changes to the game this season.

Like last night, I will have some snap judgments on the new players, but first (!), some more details about this whole two Heads of Household twist. Each week, the two HOHs will each nominate two houseguests for eviction. Then those four players will compete in the new "Battle of the Block" competition, with the winning duo removing themselves from danger while also de-throning the HOH who nominated them. In other words, the HOH, who was previously safe, will, at best, have his targets revealed with no way of evicting them and, at worst, could even be made a replacement nominee and face eviction. It all sounds complicated, but it's a nice little wrinkle.

Big Brother
: See the new houseguests in their bathing suits!

Elsewhere in this episode, host Julie Chen further explained the Team America alliance. Each week, viewers will give the secret alliance tasks to complete. For every completed task, each member of the alliance will receive $5,000. So, this twist isn't really new. It's just a broadening of America's Player from a few seasons back, which was actually quite fun. It will be interesting to see if savvy players suspect something is up sooner that last time though.

So, let's get judgmental!

She's a photographer who was born in Israel and then raised in Miami. (Don't worry, guys: Even those she's an orthodox Jew, she still loves to rock her bikini! And "heels are a girl's best friend," obvs.) Even though she's looking forward to manipulating all the guys in the house (after humbly pointing out that she is the hottest girl there), she spends most of the episode getting close to Frankie. Pretty sure Frankie won't be into Victoria's brand of manipulation, but cozying up to the HOH does make some sense strategically (especially since she was eliminated first in her HOH competition). Maybe she'll change our minds, but if Pao Pao wasn't in the house, Victoria would definitely win the "most annoying" girl award.

 This 29-year-old mother of three (the houseguests' gasps of disbelief were great) is looking forward to life in the Big Brother house after ending her 10-year marriage. She didn't make much of an impression in the HOH competition, but she did seem to be laser-focused on finding out what was what in the game after coming into the house in the second group. Something tells me she's going to play hard.

Big Brother
: Our snap judgments on (half) the new contestants

This police officer (who has worked undercover in a narcotics unit) bonds a bit with Brittany because he left an 18-month daughter behind with his wife. Derrick prides himself on being able to read when people are lying (as good cops should), which is precisely why he lies about his occupation during the group introduction. He also performed well in the HOH competition while being smart enough to not get any blood on his hands in these early weeks. I think he might be one to watch.

 I think Donny and Nicole's oddball alliance just found its third member! Christine is a barista from Tucson who loves being naked. Although she talks a big game about how she will kick people out of the house, she doesn't really stand out in any way once inside the house. Perhaps she's just full of contradictions. After all, she confesses that she married a tall, skinny guy instead of the short, schlubby type she's usually attracted to.

 This Georgia girl is also a mother of two, and despite what sounds like some wild days in her past ("I've done a lot of things, and a lot of people — men, women," she says), she is now a church minister. It will be interesting to see how her religious beliefs come across with the "super-liberal" Joey, Also, she has to share a bed with a girl because her husband (and God) is watching. As for her gameplay, there's not enough evidence to make a judgment yet.

 The most annoying guy in the house... by far. (And no, it has nothing to do with the fact that he went to the University of Florida. Go Vols, right, Amber?) He spends his unemployed days playing golf and says he will win by lying every time he opens his mouth in the house. Does that include when he said he didn't like "people that breathe" and "people that live." It's no surprise that this guy is used to getting punched in the face.

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: Despite his surfer looks, Hayden is a Dean's List student. And he doesn't surf in Long Beach, man, he drives a pedicab! He actually believes his fellow houseguests won't see him coming, but he did come in second place in the HOH competition. Also, he seemed a little tooimpressed with how his fellow houseguests looked like celebrities. I can buy that Devin looks like The Rock, but Amber and Cody as Whitney Houston and John Travolta? I think you spent too much time in the sun, dude.

 A self-described "metrosexual cowboy," Caleb has a pretty big ego. But he's got pretty big muscles to back it up. The ex-military man was called a "beast" by almost every player in the house and he proved it by winning the HOH competition while barely breaking a sweat. Unlike past strong players, he's choosing to dominate early and often ("I'm a lion and I'm going to roar," he says), which has Paola worried a bit. But maybe when Caleb puts some gel in his hair to "look like Robin Thicke," he'll win Pao Pao over. Either that or his generous dousing of Axe body spray.

So, now that the house is full, what do you think of this crop of players? Who do you want Frankie and Caleb to nominate? And are you already as sick as I am of hearing the phrase "most twisted summer ever"? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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