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Big Brother: Over the Top's Kryssie Didn't Actually Want to Quit the Game

Plus: Did she fake those tears?

Joyce Eng

It was kind of awkward when no one raised their hands after Julie Chen asked the evicted houseguest who voted for Kryssie to win Big Brother: Over the Top, but don't worry -- that didn't bruise her ego or anything.

"That didn't surprise me at all," Kryssie tells TVGuide.com. "I knew right around Week 5 that they all thought I was a joke, so I figured I would use it to my advantage and outlast them. That might be a joke but I lasted longer than any of them!"

Kryssie ultimately finished in third, and that's just fine with her. Not fine? Jason's loss. Why does she think her ride-or-die lost to Morgan? And did she fake those tears on Thanksgiving during her fight with Justin? See what she says below.
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Third place isn't so bad. You clearly expected it.
Kryssie: Yeah. It's better than I expected, so I'm not mad in the slightest. I made peace with third place weeks ago. I even made a joke that my microphone was labeled No. 3 for third place.

Did you think you could maybe sneak in second?
I kept saying it for Jason's sake, but I honestly didn't think so in my heart of hearts, but Jason would get mad at me every time I said I was playing for third. I was like, "OK, I'm playing for second!"

Did you think Jason had it in the bag?
Kryssie: I really did. I think he deserved it. I don't know what it was that sent Morgan into the lead. They both played a good game, but I honestly thought Jason had it locked up and for him to not pull it out, I'm still a little confused but very happy for Morgan. I can't wait to go back and look at the actual polls and everything. I'm sure mine was barely existent, but the race between them was close.

Do you think you guys turning on Justin the final week had anything to do with it?
I actually did think about it in retrospect. I wondered how many of [Justin's] fans were over Jason and me finally calling him what he was. I'd been the person who bit my tongue the entire season and I couldn't do it anymore. I have no regrets about it, but I'm sure it didn't help either of our chances for winning.

Kryssie, Big Brother: Over the Top

Kryssie, Big Brother: Over the Top

Lisette M. Azar, CBS

Your alliance seemed pretty content to help Jason win. I don't know if I've ever seen that on Big Brother. How would you describe that dynamic within the Jamboree?
I can't really speak for the rest of my alliance. For me, when it came to Jason, I knew coming into this experience that I was recruited and while the game seemed fun and was something I wanted to do, it wasn't the be-all, end-all for me. It wasn't, "OK, I need to win this game because this is who I am." It was, "I'm going to take a shot at this." And by protecting Jason the whole time, I knew this was his life. I had so many discussions with him about my life ambitions and for him, he had no plans after Big Brother. He never thought he would make it on once let alone twice and basically my strategy was to get close to him and while that didn't get me the win in the end, it did make me feel good about the move that I did make.

You threatened to quit multiple times. Was there any time you seriously considered doing it?
Kryssie: [Laughs] That's an odd question because when you're in the moment, you're like, "Ugh, I hate it here! I want to f---in' get out of here!" But a lot of the reason I wanted to quit had nothing to do with the actual game of Big Brother. I didn't really want to quit the game. It had a lot to do with the backend of everything. I feel like I shouldn't even talk about it because it didn't have any bearing on the actual game itself, but it was more so behind-the-scenes things I wasn't comfortable with. I'm not good at being phony and giving responses to questions that I wouldn't necessarily say just for the sake of fixing a storyline or whatever. A lot of it was me feeling like I wasn't cut out for this and there were people out there who were way better suited than me. At the end of the day, I knew that people had made a commitment to me and I was going to stick it out. It became more of a game for me to see how long I could outlast the rest of the houseguests who had no faith in me!

What do you think was your best game move?
That's a little tough. Probably my best game move and my worst game move were the same: throwing the HOH tiebreaker in the double eviction seemed like the best idea at the time because I didn't want to sully the image everyone had of me of not being a threat at all. I knew it was an intellectual comp that I could win and I elected to throw the damn thing. It seemed like the best move I could've made and in retrospect I realized it helped seal my fate in third place. I won an HOH and then earned the title of bridesmaid in every single comp. I was close but not close enough.

When I talked to Justin, he said he thought you crying on Thanksgiving was a game move. What do you have to say about that?
I'm not at all shocked that he thought it was game move. It was 100 percent genuine. Not only was I incredibly pissed off at him, but I was also incredibly hormonal because I had my period. It was either scream my face off and punch something or cry. It wasn't strategy at all. The game was over for me at that point. I knew I was in the final three. I didn't need to game with Justin. I was trying to explain that he had let me down as a friend and as someone who had invested in him for 57 days at that point. It had nothing to do with strategy or me wanting to make him look bad. I knew he didn't have a chance in hell in that last comp if it had ended up being just all the days I had been running with him. It doesn't surprise me that he would say that, but I hope years from he'll realize that him saying that makes him look like a dick.

Do you see you guys being friends outside of this?
I wanted to be friend with him outside of this, but I don't know if it's possible. He apologized to Jason, but he's never apologized to me. And as the person who fought the hardest to keep him in the house even though he didn't really deserve it, I think it's pretty unfair that he did not extend any kind of olive branch to me. But at the same time, I wouldn't shun his friendship if he wanted to be friends. But I'm not going to make the effort for someone who couldn't make the effort to apologize to me and thought my genuine feelings were a game move.

How about everyone else?
I think Jason and I will absolutely stay friends. I know Danielle and I will. Neeley, Shane and honestly Whitney -- I absolutely adore her. I've adored her from the beginning. I know we will all at the very least keep in touch on social media, but I will definitely make the effort to see a lot of them in person.
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Why didn't you believe that Alex and Morgan were sisters?
Kryssie: Honestly, I had written her off as a liar. [Laughs] I just figured everything out of her mouth was bullsh--. It wasn't necessarily that I didn't believe her; it's just that I wouldn't believe her. I didn't feel like she deserved any kind of my consideration, so I basically blew off everything that came out of her mouth after Neeley's eviction and all the way until really the last week when we kind of bonded. It wasn't that I didn't believe her; I just wouldn't.

How are your hands from the wall comp? Are you healed?
Kryssie: Well, sore subject for me because everybody, including production, thought I was full of sh-- when I said my hands were hurt. I have a scar on my left hand. They healed up, but if you watched, I was still messing with them all the way up to like Week 8. My hands are healed, but my pride will forever be a little tarnished. Some people realize that you're telling the truth and some people think it's better to pigeonhole you as someone who makes excuses. My hands are healed, but that's a memory that will stick with me forever.

What's next for you? I know you were awaiting [your band] Evil Engine's album release while you were in there. Are you going to tour?
That's the plan. Being that we're from the Midwest and it's now December, there's going to be a bit of a hiatus before we hit the road, but we do have a lot of promotion to do. [The album] actually got pushed back and it's coming out on the 9th now, but it's up for pre-order. We have a single available and we're just going to pursue the crap out of that and hope someone extends from it, but we absolutely intend to hit the road next year.

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