Chima Chima

Thursday's potentially crucial Big Brother 11 eviction will have at least one major difference: It will be taped instead of airing live.

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CBS is making the move to avoid a possibly volatile reaction from current Head of Household Chima, according to Entertainment Weekly. Chima, whose temper has been on display in recent shouting matches with Russell, has threatened to be unruly if the "mystery power" of coup d'etat is used on tonight's show.Jeff, the houseguest who has the mystery power, has the ability to remove the two houseguests Chima has nominated for eviction (Lydia and Russell) and replace them with nominees of his choosing, thus erasing Chima's chief privilege as head of household. The houseguests have neither been told that Jeff holds the power nor do they know if it will even be used. Chima, however, has said she will turn the live ceremony into a train wreck if her nominations are voided.

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A rep for the show did not immediately return's calls about the report.Do you think CBS is making the right move? Or were you hoping to see Chima go ballistic?