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Anthony Scaramucci Hopes Celebrity Big Brother Run Is Longer Than White House Job

'I mean, it happened. It is what it is.'

Dalene Rovenstine

The Mooch has arrived.

Season 2 of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition premiered on Monday night, featuring an all-star cast of former famous faces like Tom Green and Joey Lawrence, Lindsay Lohan's mom, Dina, and former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, the Long Island, New York, native who was booted from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue after just 11 days.

"I got fired from the White House for using a few curse words. I mean it happened, it is what it is," Scaramucci, who introduced himself by saying he's also known as The Mooch, said Tuesday.

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According to Scaramucci, who told The New Yorker, among other gems that he wasn't like former Donald Trump strategist Steve Bannon because he was "not trying to suck my own c--k," he still talks to President Trump. "I still get along with the president. I talk to him probably once or twice a month, but I'm usually the one making the call. I would think that a portion of the public probably dislikes me because of my Trump support, but I had a great time."

When CBS introduced its first ever Big Brother: Celebrity Edition cast last year, the group included reality television villain extraordinaire and former Trump staffer Omarosa Manigault-Newman, who promptly laid waste to Trump's White House. ("It's not going to be okay," she said.) For Season 2, Scaramucci offered fans a big of déjà vu -- although since The Mooch claims he's still pals with Trump, don't expect too many headline-worthy taunts.

Instead, Scaramucci is likely to get more notices for his Big Brother performance. In the first head of household competition, a schoolyard pick with two players left unable to play, The Mooch wasn't among the last left standing. Dina Lohan scooped him up -although, she said that's because she couldn't remember the names of the other two people (Kato Kaelin and Natalie Eva Marie).

In fact, while Scaramucci's presence might feel like a novelty, there was another guest who left more contestants shook by his mere presence: Joey Lawrence. Tom Green said he had a poster of him on his wall, Tamar Braxton noted that Lawrence was "fine times two" ... and Ryan Lochte asked the camera if Lawrence was in "Tim the Toolman Taylor." (He was not on Home Improvement; he was a star on Blossom and Brotherly Love.)

Lochte leaned into his perceived lack of intelligence with that comment, but the biggest surprise of the night was that he somehow became the brains of the episode. The former Olympian figured out the trick to winning the first Head of Household competition, in which he wound up victorious alongside Mean Girls' Jonathan Bennett. We're not ready to call Ryan a frontrunner yet, but he could be a dark horse -- just don't ask him about '90s sitcoms.

Yet despite his performance, Lochte isn't totally in the clear. Julie Chen revealed to the houseguests that Jonathan and Ryan will have to go head-to-head to determine the true HOH in the next episode. One will win; one will become the first person on the block.

It's only night 1, but these celeb houseguests have already learned to expect the unexpected. Especially Tamar, who not only has to live in the house with her frenemy Kandi Burress, but also might need the Heimlich maneuver before the end of the season from the number of grapes she has to eat when she's keeping her mouth shut.

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition airs its next episode on Tuesday at 8/7c on CBS.