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Big Brother All-Stars' Ian Terry Says He 'Doesn't Hold Anything Against' Nicole Franzel After Eviction

The former winner is 'really happy' there's a strong alliance like the Committee this season

Dalene Rovenstine

And then there was one. When Big Brother All-Stars began in August, there were two former winners in the house: Season 14 winner Ian Terry and Season 18 winner Nicole Franzel. But in Thursday's 5-3 eviction, Terry exited the house — even though he wasn't Head of Household Dani Briones's original target.

Earlier in the week, Briones placed David Alexander and Kevin Campbell up as nominees, but when Alexander played his Disruptor power, he was able to pull himself off the block. Briones then placed ally Tyler Crispen on the block. However, after Da'Vonne Rogers won the Power of Veto and removed Campbell from the block, Briones was forced to put another nominee up. She chose Terry, much to the dismay of Franzel.

Despite Franzel trying to keep her friend in the house, having a former winner on the block was too tempting for the Committee alliance, which consists of Briones, Franzel, Crispen, Cody Calafiore, Christmas Abbott, and Memphis Garrett. They ended up evicting Terry, with Franzel voting to evict him as well.

Here, TV Guide speaks with Terry from the jury house about what he thinks about the Committee alliance, how different playing All-Stars is from his experience on Season 14, and what it meant to him to get to speak on national television about having autism.

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In his goodbye message to you, Tyler told you about the Committee alliance. What are your thoughts on what's gone down in the house so far, now that you know about it?
Ian Terry: Frankly, I'm really happy that there is a solid group of players that are playing really well in the Committee alliance. I think that that's great. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the fact that people in there are playing well and winning as a result. As far as how things have gone down, they've been pretty much in power almost the whole time, except for when Enzo [Palumbo] was HOH. And for Enzo, he saw Kaysar [Ridha] as a very easy target to make himself just pick him off and then fall back in line. As far as how it's impacted things, they've been in power, it's a good alliance. That's just how it is.

Ian Terry, Big Brother: All Stars


You said a few times that Dani putting you on the block was a "mistake." Now that you know about the alliance, do you still feel that way?
Terry: Now that I know about the alliance, I don't believe that it's a mistake. Obviously, I feel like it was probably a pretty good play on her part. So kudos to her. And that's just game well played. Very, very happy that Dani made a decent decision on that. And, you know, I hold absolutely nothing against her.

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You and Nicole said from the beginning that you would protect one another as former winners. Do you feel like she didn't hold up her end of the bargain?
 Obviously, I don't know which way the votes went this week. I don't know if she voted me to stay or not. At the end of the day ... did she protect me? I suppose she could have done a better job of it. Perhaps I could have been in the big alliance. But I don't really hold anything against her. That's just how it goes.

Ian Terry and Julie Chen, Big Brother: All Stars


Who do you think is in the best position to win at this point? And who would you LIKE to win?
I think that Cody and Tyler are in a crushing spot. I'm really, really excited to see that they're playing really well. So good job on their end, and I think that they're doing nicely.

What are the biggest changes in playing All-Stars versus playing a regular season?
I think that the difference between playing All-Stars and a regular season is that in All-Stars, the caliber of play is just going to be much higher. That being said, I never really played a "regular" season, because on my original season, we had four returning players, all of whom were extremely strong players. It's just that on the All-Stars season, the average player is much stronger -- on average, anyway. That's what I would say is the difference: It's much more difficult when everyone is a returning player, but I've never played a season where everyone's playing for the first time.

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You were able to speak with a few of the houseguests about having autism. How comfortable did you feel having those conversations, and did you feel it was important to have them this season?
Terry: You know, I think being on the spectrum, it is important for me to have that sort of conversation. I felt pretty comfortable discussing that with my fellow housemates. That is something that is out there online -- it's been speculated for a long time. I feel like it was just the right time to just go ahead and own it.

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