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Bayleigh Dayton Says There Was 'Additional Pressure' Playing Big Brother All-Stars in Current Climate

'You also have a pedestal and a platform to be able to call things out'

Dalene Rovenstine

"Queens support queens," Big Brother All-Stars player Bayleigh Dayton told TV Guide, and Thursday night she proved that was true.

Despite being on the block, she encouraged all of the Big Brother house, including people were aligned with her, to vote her out in order to allow her "untouchable," Da'Vonne Rogers, to stay in the house with a clean record. And it worked: Dayton was evicted in a unanimous vote after being placed on the block by Head of Household Christmas Abbott.

There were moments in the week when it seemed like Dayton might escape eviction, most notably when her fellow BB20 housemate Tyler Crispen volunteered to go up as a veto replacement and get evicted from the house. But when his own "untouchable," Abbott, failed to go along with the plan, it sealed Dayton's fate.

Dayton spoke with TV Guide about how important it was for her to play with Rogers, if she and Crispen are truly friends now, and what "untouchable" actually means.

Let's start with the vote. Were you surprised that it was a unanimous vote, or were you expecting that?
Bayleigh Dayton:
I was expecting it. I wanted it that way because … I didn't want anybody that favors my friendship over Da'Vonne to make their relationship with her awkward. I want her to be able to feel like she can trust people moving forward.

After Da'Vonne stood up to Christmas on your behalf, she was convinced that she was the one going. Was there ever a moment that you thought that might happen?
No, and I was trying to convince her it was very clear the trap was set for me. She has no issues with Tyler. She has no past with Tyler. She had no personal issues with Christmas. The trap was set for me, and they knew that if I stayed in that house, they would have a problem. I knew no matter what -- Da'Vonne could have yelled at everybody in the house -- and I still would have been out the door.

Bayleigh Dayton, Big Brother: All Stars


When Tyler came to you guys with his plan to go up and get evicted, did you believe that was genuine? And do you really think that he tried to do that? 
When he told me I did not believe him, but I do believe his intentions were good. I don't think that he would have used the cause as gameplay. I would hope not, anyway. But I was explaining to Day that I've played with Tyler before, so you can't really take his word until he comes through with what he's promised, and that never happened.

Since Julie Chen told you that he's working with Christmas, did that make more sense why she didn't go for it?
Absolutely. And even before I knew that they were working together, I told Da'Vonne … she's going to keep him in this game because he's wounded, and he's broken, and now she can use them. Now that I know they had the established bond way before, it even more confirms that she was never going to put them on block.

Julie also mentioned last night that you and Tyler had made up a few hours before the show, and he even said in his goodbye video to you that you're leaving house as friends. Is that true?
I hope so. I told Tyler I am exhausted. I am so, so tired of going on this emotional roller coaster. Tyler is not an ex-boyfriend of mine. There's so much drama, just too much. I'm like, "Let's move forward. Let's squash everything that happened in the Big Brother house, considering it's not real life. And let's actually work toward a friendship." And I'm open to that -- I want to have a conversation with Tyler and I want us to be able to talk things through.

We heard Christmas say over and over and over that the reason you were put up was because your "untouchable" was Day. Do you believe that's really the reason she put you up?
No. I know it's not, but it was a valid excuse for her to try to use. Where she erred was saying that Day and I were the only pair in the house. That's when I really was like, "No, ma'am." Because there were so many pairs in the house -- even openly broadcasted friendships. So for you to say that Day and I were the only pair was like, "No, that's not accurate."

Why do you think she was targeting you?
If I am to be honest, I think she was put up to it by a group of people. And they knew that she was the only one that could possibly take the shot. I think she took the heat for it. There were some some errors on her part along the week, you know, weird judgment that should not have gotten into the game. But I generally think she thought it was a good game move.

When you told her that Day was your "untouchable," did you mean more than just, "She's my final two"?
Yeah, absolutely. And that's what I was saying. Me and Day never even really had to make a final two because it was just unsaid. So, when I say she's my "untouchable," it is, "I respect this woman as a woman more than this game could possibly ever imagine. I'm not going to come for her because it goes against my beliefs. It goes against my cause. And I actually have built a friendship with her." It was an olive branch to Christmas to say, "OK, you and I have been kind of dancing around working together for a few weeks. We're friends, we're washing clothes together, we're doing all this together. I'm letting you know that I'm not going after Day. So, can we still make this work? Who do you want?" To say like, "OK, well, if that's the case, then I won't go after this person and we can make an agreement not to come after each other." That was what I was trying to do -- obviously that did not go as planned. But I don't take it back because it's true. I would broadcast it from the rooftops. I would never touch Day in this game or in real life because queens support queens.

Do you think Christmas understood that? She didn't seem to get it when Day was trying to explain to her that it was about more than game.
Yeah, she didn't get it or maybe she didn't want to. The conversations were had. She understood the reason. She knew why we were there. I genuinely just think that she was like, "I don't care. I'm not bringing this into the game. You can have a cause if you want to, but it has nothing to do with me. I'm after this money."

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What was it like for you to get to play with Da'Vonne?
Amazing! Beyond special and legendary! I'm Da'Vonne's number one fan. I genuinely loved watching her -- I think her diary rooms are amazing -- as a fan, so then being able to be on a season with her, and she's everything that I thought she would be! Our friendship is amazing. You know, you watch TV and you're like, "Oh my god, I would be best friends with that person!" But to actually be best friends with that person is like, even better. So, I love her and I adore her so much.

Da'Vonne Rogers and Bayleigh Dayton, Big Brother: All Stars


I think we saw a little bit of this in your reaction and Da'Vonne's reaction to the argument with Christmas, but did you feel that there was pressure being a Black woman in this house with the current climate of our country?
Absolutely, absolutely. And there always has been -- the climate just kind of heightened it. But there are pros and cons to each one. There's that extra additional pressure where you have to display yourself in a certain way, you have to act a certain way. You have to go above and beyond to fit into certain dynamics and conversations, you have to make sure that people's preconceived judgments and the microaggressions that they hold and carry don't rub off on you. You are literally ducking and dodging at every point in the game, but since the heightened climate is there, you also have a pedestal and a platform to be able to call things out. So this time around, I could say, "Hey" [and call things out]. I had a conversation with Ian [Terry] in particular, [where I said], "You calling me Day… I know that our names rhyme, but it is a little bit offensive." Or, "You grouping us together from day one when we've never met before. That is a microaggression. And that's not fair to us." I never got a chance to vibe with anybody because people assume that Da'Vonne and I were working together even though we went out of our way not to be in the same room. So it was very visible. And I'm glad that people got to see it. And I'm glad that we got to talk about it.

Do you think that the other houseguests understood the pressure that was on you and Da'Vonne in that way?
Not all of them, but I think a lot of them did. And there were conversations that were had. I had to break it down to Kevin, and we had a great conversation. Enzo understood. That's my boy! He openly expressed, "Where I'm from, it's a melting pot, so I don't understand why people are behaving or acting like this or why is this happening to you," and I appreciated that. Like I said, [I had] the conversation with Ian and talks with Tyler. The conversation was allowed to be had and whether people received it or not, that's on them. But at least we were able to address it in a way that's never been addressed before. At least not on the television that I've watched.

The fact that last night you and Day were able to talk about Black Lives Matter, Breonna Taylor, and Black Girl Magic in your exit speeches felt really momentous.
Girl, I was there, and I felt the same way. Da'Vonne did not tell me what she was going to say in her speech. I generally was surprised like everybody else. In between the votes, I just leaned over to her and I was like, "I got chills." When you're in the house, you're in the house and you're focusing on that, but we have to realize that there are people fighting on the outside of the Big Brother house and we're in the middle of such an important time in our life. This is like the Civil Rights Movement all over again because we're still fighting. To remind everyone in the house and to remind everyone out of the house why we're there and why we continue to fight -- even when we know that this game is not set up for us -- it was very important.

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When you got the call to join All Stars, did you have any hesitation?
No,I needed it to be done. That was the reason why I said yes so quickly. [Dayton's husband and fellow BB20 houseguest] Swaggy was like, "You have to because there's not enough African-American representation on TV. Who's better suited for this experience than you? You've been in these kind of situations before. You're prepared." I'm the first and only African-American Miss Missouri. I've been in this kind of situation. I understand the climate. I've explained myself so many times. I wanted to go in knowing that if there was a situation to arise, I can handle it. I didn't want to put somebody else in a situation where maybe they would have went off or fallen into the traps that were set for them. Da'Vonne and I were very aware of the perception that people had of us and we were not going to give [it to] them.

The argument with Christmas in particular, you and Da'Vonne seemed to handle yourselves with incredible patience.
I just saw the clip of the fight, and when Da'Vonne said to Christmas, "I'm gonna walk away," I said, "Oh, I'm so proud of her!" Because it could have been bad [laughs]. It could have been BB20 Bay all over again, going off on her. I wouldn't have done the fingers or the clapping or any of that, but I could have let her have it, and I just was like, "No, it's not worth it."

There seemed to be a few times this season where you knew you needed time to yourself and a little space and you were good about calling it out.
I'll give it to Swaggy. I'm not gonna lie, being married, doing marriage counseling, learning to communicate [has all helped]. I genuinely feel like he's helped by saying, "OK, you're obviously overwhelmed. There's feelings. Let's sit. Let's communicate. If you need a second, great. Tell me you need a second, and we'll come back to it." So I just communicate. You're not going to be able to tell me that I didn't tell you what I needed. I'm telling you I need some time, and we can talk about it later.

Looking back on the season, is there anything that you would change?
If I'm being honest -- and I know Kevin [Campbell] is going to hate hate this -- I would have tried harder to keep Keesha [Smith]. [laughs] I feel like with Keesha and Janelle [Pierzina] and Kaysar [Ridha] at least I had backup, and I loved them, and they were ready to fight. With Kevin and the way that he's playing this game, he doesn't really want to win anything, and he wouldn't put his game out on the line for me, but I know Janelle would. I know Kaysar would. I know Day would, and now I feel like Keesha would have been the same type of player.

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Looking back on who's gone out, it seems like you all should have teamed up to go after the alliance of six.
That's the crazy part. Christmas was the mole from the very beginning. She was right in there. Kaysar knows everything … but he didn't clock Christmas. So even if we would have done everything down to his plan, it still would have blown up because Christmas was at the center of the other alliance.

He mentioned to me last week that he was so surprised that he hadn't figured her out.
And I told him right before he left, I said, "They got her, Kaysar, they got to her, they got to her." And he's like, "No, not Christmas. I promise you. She's good."

There was a moment when he was talking to you in the bathroom about how people in your alliance weren't for you. And you didn't seem ready to hear that. What do you think of that conversation now?
It wasn't that I don't feel these people were for me and "Oh, they like me and you don't know what you're talking about." It's not that. It was just Kaysar didn't know all the aspects of my game. So say that I could have held them off for another week or two, then I could have taken jabs. You just have to make the correct moves for your game. So, whether or not these people were actually for me or not, I made an agreement and I made an alliance. If I blow them up, that gives them free range to come after me. My goal would have been for me to be able to take the first shot.

What was it like having David in the house?
Work [laughs]. I'm not gonna lie! David is singing to his own tune. He's doing his own thing. And, you know, I'm trying to rope him in, I'm trying to be like, "OK, we got a mission." And David is just in his own little world. Fortunately for me, I had the pleasure of meeting David before the house, so I kind of knew what I was getting myself into. But I think everybody else is just a little surprised.

Yeah, Da'Vonne seemed very frustrated with him often.
Oh, and it was it was a fight. I'm like, "Hey, listen, I can't have you guys fighting each other. Can y'all please pull it together?"

Has he watched Big Brother?
No, and that's the crazy part.

Yeah, he seems very confused.
He is confused and I'm like, "OK, well, you knew you were coming here," and he was like, "Yeah, but I got the call pretty late, so I was just trying to pack." I'm like, "You need to be binge watching!"

At one point, Dani [Donato] and a few others were asking him who he voted for, and he didn't seem to know how to answer a normal Big Brother question!
And he pauses and makes it super awkward for everybody. And so they're like, what?

How different was All-Stars from the first time that you played?
So different, so different, but in such a great way. On All-Stars, everybody knows that they're there for work. You know you're about to get down, your sleeves are rolled up, you're about to get dirty. It was just really awesome to play with some of the greatest players to play this game. I feel really honored to be one of them -- despite whatever some people in the house have to say about it. I just really feel like blessed to be a part of the cast.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.