[Warning: The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother 19 live feeds]

Paul secured his spot in the top three of Big Brother 19 by winning HOH and the vet has no plans on letting the win slip through his fingers (again).

After the live feeds resumed late Wednesday night, Paul went into the lounge alone to reveal his plans to take Josh with him to the Final 2 if given the chance.

"And hopefully it's a clean sweep," Paul told the cameras. "I have eight competition wins. I won the last HOH. I won the last Veto... and I never touched the block. I went the entire season as the only vet and the biggest target and I never touched the block. That's f---ing tight."

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Although Paul's plan to keep Josh around makes sense on the surface, it's actually one of the riskier moves Paul could make. Unbeknownst to Paul, Josh has already been plotting against the vet and would have tried to evict Paul over Alex had Paul not won the last Veto earlier this week.

If Paul keeps Josh tonight and Josh makes it to the final part of the three-part HOH competition, there's little to no chance that Josh will choose to bring Paul with him to the Final 2. On the other hand, both Kevin and Christmas would likely bring Paul with them if they somehow won the third part in the final HOH. And while Christmas could have a somewhat decent case against Paul, it would be easy — and fair — for Paul to point out that each of Christmas' wins were handed to her on his orders. Kevin, meanwhile, would be a slam dunk in the vet's favor and be the safest choice for Paul to bring to Final 2.

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If the Final 2 does wind up being Paul and Josh, it will be interesting to see how the jury votes. Many of the recent evictees have expressed a strong bitterness towards Paul which could overrule any respect they might have for the way he ran the house all summer. Then again, there are some houseguests, like Cody, who would probably rather eat slop for the rest of their lives than vote for Josh to win.

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