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Big Brother 19's Alex Explains Why She Promised to Campaign for Paul "Even Though He Screwed Me"

Plus: Why Alex chose to waste her HOH on Raven

Sadie Gennis

Alex, Alex, Alex. You could have been a contender -- emphasis on could have.

Alex quickly proved to be a strong physical and mental competitor in Big Brother 19, but her judgement and attitude were just terrible. She repeatedly bullied the other houseguests (including even her ride or die ally Jason) and never hesitated to make graphic physical threats against anyone who rubbed her the wrong way.

In the end, Alex has no one but herself to blame for her eviction from the BB house. Even after it became clear that the house had turned against her and Jason, she chose to use her HOH to evict Raven -- a houseguest who never posed a real threat to anyone in this game. Then despite Paul's glaringly obvious betrayal and refusal to use the Veto on her this week, Alex still gave the vet her word that she'd campaign for him in the jury house.

All of this has us asking one question: why? See what Alex has to say for herself in the interview below!

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Why did you promise Paul you'd campaign for him in the jury house after he refused to pull you off the block?
I promised to campaign for Paul because, unlike Paul, friendship means everything to me. Even though he screwed me in every way possible.

After you were blindsided by Jason's eviction, why did you choose to nominate Kevin and Raven -- two people who have never won a comp?
The reason I nominated them was because I never trusted either of them. Early on in the game we sort of worked with Josh and Christmas, so by not putting them on the block, I tried to salvage what I could with them. I was wrong in assuming that because they took me out!

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You got so upset when someone hid your cat ears, but then you threw out Kevin's only food for the week. Why do you think that was ok?
So, I got so upset about my cat ears because it was my personal property - that's not ok. For Kevin, what he did throughout the game was personal! I felt like he made us his peasants! He never washed dishes, or made food. He couldn't cook for himself. If he's going to be a Have Not, he's going to cook his own slop like every other Have Not. I wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine.

How do you feel about meatballs?
Well first off, Josh wants you all to know that JOSH is not a meatball - everyone else is the meatball! For Josh, I didn't like how consistently inconsistent he was. He kept turning on the people he was in an alliance with... If that was his game strategy, apparently it worked.

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