The second casualty of Big Brother 19's latest double eviction was a head-scratcher. After watching her ride or die Jason get blindsided and sent home, Alex immediately snatched HOH and perplexingly chose to nominate... Kevin and Raven?!

It was an odd decision, for sure, and one that ultimately didn't change the game very much. In the end, Raven was sent packing to the jury house where she'll get to reunite with her showmance Matt.

But does Raven really have no regrets about how she played the game this season? And was her GPA really "dance"? She answers all of our burning questions below.

Matt sacrificed his game to ensure that you could stay in the house. Do you think that sacrifice was worth it?
Raven: Yes I do. I think Matthew knew that I wanted to play the game and there was a chance I could make it farther if he sacrificed his game. He said I still had gameplay left in me. His goal was to make it to jury and he did. He was adamant about taking the penalty vote for me, said I was the best person he's ever met and that I deserved it.

Do you think you'd be in jury already if you hadn't thrown so many comps for Paul?
Raven: Honestly, yeah... I think I would have made jury already if I would have won some of the competitions. People would have seen me as a threat. It worked for me to throw the comps. I'm happy with my game play. I have no regrets.

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Given how many physical ailments you suffer from, was it safe for you to be away from your doctors all summer?
Raven: Yes, it was safe. I've dealt with disease my whole life, I know how to take care of myself. I had my medicines. If I get sick, there's nothing else they can do except say "take your medicine." This disease makes me who I am and I'm glad I got to share it with the world and spread the word at gastroparesis.

When Paul asked you your GPA this season, you responded "dance." Do you stand by that answer?
Raven: Oh yeah, 100 percent. Dance is my outlet. When I dance, I feel no pain, I feel normal. I love spreading the joy of dance. It will always be my outlet. I am a dancer with a stomach pacemaker! It may be a struggle at times, but it's worth it.

How do you feel about meatballs?
Raven: (Laughs!) I love meatballs! I made meatballs with Josh multiple times in that house. I love that phrase, I love me some Josh — even though he voted me out! He's my favorite meatball and I can't wait to meet him in Miami and make more meatballs with his family!

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