Double evictions can shake up the Big Brother house and this season is long overdue for a power shift. All the pieces were in place Thursday: perpetual target Cody was definitely going to be the first evictee (and he went out like a boss) and Elena — already on shaky ground — swiping Alex's $5,000 Veto prize made her and her showmance Mark new targets, culminating in yet another kitchen shouting match with Josh.

But a head-to-head knockout HOH comp basically ensured that someone from Paul's larger group (side note: Isn't it weird how there are no alliance names this year?) would beat Mark and Elena. Jason won and nominated Mark and Elena, but as he's done time and time again, with his back up against the wall, Mark won Veto, so it was bye-bye, Elena.

Big Brother 19's Cody hopes Jessica digs his fiery eviction speech

Would Elena's fate have been different had she kept her word to Alex? Does she think that $5,000 cost her the game? See what she says below.

Elena and Julie Chen, Big Brother 19Elena and Julie Chen, Big Brother 19

Do you regret taking the $5,000? Do you think you'd still be in the house had you not taken it?
I say that the only questionable thing I've done in that house is take the $5,000, that Alex and I did have some kind of agreement beforehand. However, I don't regret it, I knew I was the target. I specifically knew I was of Alex's targets moving forward, and felt like I was expendable and [disposable] in her eyes anyways because I was used as a pawn that week. Knowing I was her target, why should I give her $5,000 when I earned it and won? I don't think I'd be here had I not taken the $5,000. Had I not, I'd be sitting here regretting I didn't take it.

The house really turned on you and Mark this week. Why didn't you blow anyone up in your second speech?
I had plenty of information to blow up some game in my second speech, but I chose not to for a couple of reasons. The first one being, I don't know if television has seen this because it happened the day of the live eviction, [but] Jason shared with Mark in the storage room that if last night was a double eviction and if he or a couple of other people won HOH, they were going to go after Paul. I believe that Cody's speech, when he left, maybe made them change their minds and coward out of executing that plan. I didn't want to say anything that could negatively affect Mark's game moving forward. I did want to call out Paul and his alliance with Jason and Alex and the fact that Jason was supposed to go after Paul. But I decided to use the time to say my last goodbye to my mom before several weeks of not getting to talk to her, and just hope that Mark can continue on and maybe make some waves in the house.

What would you have done if you had won the double eviction HOH?
I would have put Alex and Josh on the block, with the plan to backdoor Paul.

It's the house against Mark now and we know the house likes to pile on their targets. What do you think Mark needs to do to stay in the game?
Mark needs to win HOH. This house plays like a bunch of wussies. Instead of making moves and having separate opinions or stating their own opinions, they just float with the house's agenda, and it's always easier to have one big target on one person than there be lines formed in the sand and have people make decisions. Moving forward, Mark is going to remain the target, and he's going to have win a HOH, shift some stuff in the house, and hopefully stir up some other drama to get the target off his back moving forward.

Besides Mark, who do you think will be the one to finally make a big move?
Jason or Alex are the only ones that have it in them. Kevin, I'm certain still doesn't know where he is, Josh is just a blob, Christmas is just existing, and Matt and Raven will just follow the power wherever it goes.

How do you feel about meatballs?
Now that you mention it, it's my Subway order for today, and I totally regret it.

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