As if voting for Josh wasn't surprising enough, Cody did something even more shocking after the Big Brother 19 finale: he apologized.

"It was so crazy," Josh told Us Weekly. "He came up to me and shook my hand and congratulated me. I was not expecting that and he said, 'I apologize. It was just a part of the game.' I apologized too and he then went to my family and said, 'I apologize. It was just a game move and just a show. If I hurt you guys I'm so sorry.'"

Josh was understandably blown away by this humble moment from the "meatball" he clashed with all season. "That was huge. As a man, I really respected that and it meant a lot," he continued. "Even though we're not friends and we probably won't talk after this, I really appreciated that and it meant a lot to me."

Big Brother 19 Winner Josh Admits Paul "Would Have Won" Had He Owned His Game

Cody proved to be the deciding vote during the Big Brother 19 finale, giving the victory to the underdog Josh instead of the veteran player Paul. Josh admitted to TV Guide that he never expected Cody to vote for him, but that Cody "respected how straightforward I was."


Paul, on the other hand, thinks Josh's win had less to do with the jury respecting Josh's game and everything to do with not wanting to vote for Paul. "I didn't think [Cody would] vote for Josh over me, which is actually part of the reason I took Josh, because I thought he just didn't respect Josh's gameplay at all," Paul told TV Guide.

But even though Paul didn't respect Cody's gameplay, America sure did, voting the dead-eyed star America's Favorite Player.

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