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Big Brother 19's Christmas Explains Why She Didn't Bother to Campaign

Her plan clearly backfired

Sadie Gennis

After Christmas broke her foot two weeks into the summer, it looked like she wouldn't last long in the Big Brother 19 house. However, the CrossFit champion persevered, making it all the way to the final three.

She had expected to make it to the final two after Josh won the third part of the HOH competition. However, Josh surprised his ally by instead choosing to bring Paul with him. How does Christmas feel about the last-minute blindside? Does she wish she had campaigned more? Check out everything she revealed to TV Guide in the interview below!

Josh beating Paul has to be one of the biggest upsets in Big Brother history. How did you feel when Julie announced Josh had won?
I was so proud of Josh. I knew if he took Paul, he had a much better chance of winning and I'm just glad that the jury saw what I saw, but also what I saw in Josh. And I'm really, really proud of him.

Did you campaign with Josh at all to try and get him to bring you to the final two?
No, I didn't because he had told me on several occasions that he was going to take me to final two. I was hoping that he would stick true to his word, but I didn't campaign at all because I wanted the person to take me for the right reasons and I was having a lot of conflicts about my position. You know, when you're in the eye of the storm it's hard to have perspective.

Josh had promised to take you to the final two, so did you feel betrayed when he chose Paul?
Yeah, I was disappointed that he made that decision because I just never thought that he would pivot. I wanted him to do what was best for his game. But at the same time, I wanted him to stay true to his commitment. And I knew that those were conflicting thoughts. You know, that's how Big Brother happens and that's the difference between $50,000 and $500,000.

If you had gotten the opportunity, who would you have chosen to bring with you to the final two?
Christmas: I keep getting asked this question and I had such anxiety about it in the diary room session and I promised that I would not make that decision until I was in that moment. And it's this burdened blessing that I didn't have to make that decision and I'm not revealing because I can't say. That's not the way that it happened and I don't want to speculate.

Josh and Paul were your two closest allies in the house. Why did you decide to vote for Paul over Josh?
Christmas: We all had challenges and I think the three of us had the biggest challenges in the house, period, 100 percent. And Josh coming in had a great game, but I have crazy respect for Paul. Paul went through every scenario, situation, and he played the house tremendously well. I knew what he was doing by Week 2. He was very forthcoming about what he was going to do and so if people didn't see that, then it's kind of their fault. In the same way that I told people that they were my target and they pretended they weren't. I'm like, 'uhh, OK. That's your fault.' But I think that Paul worked hard every single week. He was true to me. And if Josh was not going to follow through on his promise, then I had to give it to Paul.

​Christmas Abbott, Big Brother 19

Why do you think Paul lost?
Christmas: I think that Paul lost because Paul played a little bit of a dirtier of a game than Josh. Josh was funny, goofy and he called people out, he surprised people by how smart he was and seeing things as they were coming together. And people while they were in the game didn't see or respect it, but as soon as they got to jury, they saw what was happening, they were able to see how often Josh played this. I also think they just don't want to see a vet come back and win the game.

You got to ask the final question to Paul and Josh, and you decided to use it on a joke question. Why did you throw Josh such a softball rather than calling him out on going against his word and not bringing you?
Christmas: I have to deal with Josh's decision and Josh has to deal with his decision and I don't want to amplify that. It had been done. I wanted to leave with my head held high and continue to kill them with kindness. I was really shocked that I was not final two and I didn't have a question prepared beforehand and so I really had no idea what was going on a little bit.

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Some of the jury members said that you didn't do anything all season. How would you respond to that?
Christmas: I would respond: Let me break your foot and we'll see how you do in the Big Brother house.

What would your case have been had you made it to the final two?
Christmas: I had to play a completely different game. My strongest asset was taken away from me on Day 13. I had to completely prove that I was still capable of being in the game and playing the game. And people had no idea how I was playing the game, which means that I played it really freakin' well. I sat back, I watched, I listened, I went to people when I needed to put a little seed here or there and they did what I freakin' told them to do. And I feel like I played a very stealth game. I had two people that were constantly protecting me and throwing me comps left and right. I won a running comp for god's sakes! So if you're going to say I didn't do anything, take a look back, baby boy. I worked really freakin' hard and I had to work harder than anybody else. I had to not only work hard [without] my strongest asset, but I had to go through and make it look easy with a broken foot. And I'm telling you that that was excruciatingly painful, very difficult and they can't not say that I played a good game because they don't know what I went through.

Everyone throwing Ready, Set, Whoa to you was one of the most absurd things I've ever seen on this show.
And you can tell me that I don't play the game? They threw a running comp to a girl with a broken foot! Tell me I didn't do that.

At the same time, wasn't it Paul who convinced everyone to throw the comp to you?
It was Paul, Josh and myself. We were working all angles. Everybody was good with who that was going to be thrown to. And when it happened, I did what I needed to do and it was not all Paul. But you always let the biggest mouth think that they have the control. So even though Paul was doing all the talking, I was pushing for this and I knew that if they could throw me the comp, then Paul was definitely in my pocket just the same.

If everyone hadn't thrown the comp before any races actually happened, what would have happened? Would you have been able to pull off winning a footrace?
Christmas: I know I would have ran down that thing as fast as I freakin' possibly could and leaped to that button. I know I was getting to that button before somebody else was. There is no doubt in my mind that I was going to beat one person at least. I was going to give it everything I had.

You came into the house planning on being a strong physical competitor, but you broke your foot almost immediately. Do you hope to get the opportunity to do another reality competition series, like Amazing Race or Survivor, so that you can show viewers what you're really capable of?
Christmas: I absolutely would love it. I can't wait to be full-throttle Christmas again. I would love Amazing Race. I would love to be able to pick a teammate from this cast because I think we would really blow some minds! I want the world to see what full-throttle Christmas is like because I was a tame dame in this competition and I'm excited to maybe have a callback sometime if that's possible.

Who would you pick from the cast to be your Amazing Race teammate?
I'm not sure yet. I've got to have some conversations with some people first. (Laughs.) That may be a big deciding factor in my final two. They're going to have to campaign to me this time.

How do you feel about meatballs?
Christmas: Aw, I love him so much! I'm really disappointed and let down that he didn't choose me. I understand why he did it, but it doesn't mean that it doesn't disappoint me. But honestly, he's such a genuine person and I hope his heart stays as pure and as full as it is. I love him so much and I'm really proud of him. He's had a huge transformation this summer and I feel like I was a big part of that.

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