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The Big Brother 19 Cast Reveals Their Dream Alliance Names

Some of these still need some work

Sadie Gennis

Alliances have always been a major part of Big Brother whether they had a catchy name or not. But ever since Dr. Will and Boogie dubbed themselves Chilltown in Season 2 (and then again in Season 7), it's become expected that everyone come up with a catchy label to describe their team-up. Over the years, this has provided some seriously mixed results, giving us the good (The Brigade, The Hitmen, Sovereign Six), the bad (Spy Girls, the Blonde-tourage, the Quack Pack) and the just plain weird alliance names (The Ballsmashers, Queer Nuts, Farter & the Beauty).

The necessity of having to come up with a cool alliance name is just another pressure the houseguests face when they enter the house, leading many to start brainstorming long before they ever come face-to-face with their potential allies.

Ahead of Big Brother 19's premiere, spoke with the new batch of houseguests about what their dream alliance names would be, and let's just say that we hope some of these names never make it to air. Check out the highlights below!

​Ramses, Raven and Jason, Big Brother 19

Ramses, Raven and Jason, Big Brother 19

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Cameron, the microbiologist: I want to be the Bamboozling Buffoons. Yes. I want to be a pair of two people, guy or girl, I really don't care. There's going to be us two and we're going to bamboozle the rest of these buffoons out of half a million dollars. Let's go!

Raven, the dance teacher: I'd probably say Team Sour Patches or something like that.

Megan, the dog walker: I thought it'd be hilarious to name it Production. Because you know how they constantly announce on the live feeds "don't talk about production"? It would be like a Fight Club thing.

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Christmas, the fitness superstar: I don't know. Maybe The Outliers since I've always been an outlier. It depends. There's the Fantastic Four. There's all sorts of really fun names. It depends on who's my alliance to determine that because the alliance names really reflect the alliance personalities.

Cody, the construction sales rep: It was kind of cool when they first started doing it. Now it's kind of a given to where it's not cool anymore. I'd rather be the unspoken alliance. That would be way cooler than the spoken name one.

Jillian, the timeshare sales rep: I just made this up myself. It's Lunar Eclipse because it's really rare. Me, I'm going to have a two-person alliance and we're maybe going to meet up once a week and nobody's even going to know that we're a twosome. But I'm going to pick somebody totally random that nobody will ever expect. And we'll be hopefully in two other alliances and let each other know what's going on and then we'll go to the final two. So that's my plan, but we'll see how that goes.

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Kevin, the stay-at-home dad: I came up with some good ones and they shot them down, man. My daughters didn't like them. I said the Semanon. Do you know what the Semanon is? It's no names backwards. That's cool, isn't it? Think about it. You can use that, if you want it.

Ramses, the cosplay artist: I don't know. Something nerdy. Maybe like the Power Rangers or something like that. And then we could each have our own Power Ranger colors or something like that. Something weird.

Jason, the rodeo clown: I'm a cowboy. Everything I do and know is cowboy. I thought it'd be cool to be The Bandits or even The Banditos, The Troubadours or something like that. Those aren't like Bomb Squad-type material. I don't really know. I was just going to feel it out.

Big Brother returns with a two-hour premiere on Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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