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Big Brother 19: 5 Houseguests to Watch Out For

Don't underestimate Mark

Sadie Gennis

There are still a few days before Big Brother 19 officially kicks off, but we already know a little bit about the 16 houseguests moving in.

As any BB superfan knows, not every houseguest is a star. There are the floaters, the ones that flame out in Week 1 and the ones you forget about completely. But this season, there are five houseguests who have already done a good job of separating themselves from the pack. From a wannabe Ian 2.0 to a bloodthirsty superfan, here are the five Big Brother 19 houseguests you should keep an eye on this season.

Megan Lowder, Big Brother​
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Megan, the dog walker: Megan is not here to mess around. "I plan on smiling to people's faces and stabbing them in the back. I'm bloodthirsty," she told

Because of her ruthless attitude, Megan is going into the Big Brother house with her eyes open to the possibility that America might just hate her -- not that she cares. "In the end, I'm here for $500,000, not fame or fortune," she declared.

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Megan's can-do attitude isn't just based on ego. She has already done everything she can to prepare for comps she knows are coming (including learn how many times it takes to sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" before an hour is up). If Megan plays her cards right, she could be a force to be reckoned with. That, or she could find herself with a major target on her back fast.

Mark Jansen, Big Brother​
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Mark, the personal trainer: Mark is incredibly easy to love, which will serve him well in the house. Although he looks like a meathead, Mark is a total softie with a very public love for Taylor Swift and Fifty Shades of Grey(but not for the sex. Because he thinks it's a great love story).

Mark said that his strategy going into the house is to talk to everyone so that they can see that sweet side of him right away and not confuse him for some intimidating bully. He also plans to use his natural charisma to follow in the footsteps of Cody, who only lost Season 16 because he chose to bring his ride-or-die Derek to the finale.

"I'm more Cody [than Derek]," Mark explained. "Cody played a perfect game -- obviously not perfect because he didn't win. But the way he was with the girls -- no showmances, but he was comfortable with all of them, cuddling and just made all of them smile. He had a very good social game."

​Cameron Heard, Big Brother
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Cameron, the microbiologist: A BB superfan, Cameron knows the game inside and out. But unlike many of show's previous brainiacs, Cameron can throw down on the physical comps in addition to the mental ones.

"Endurance competitions are going to be my strong suit because I do a lot of athletic things," Cameron said. "I rode my bike from Chicago to Buffalo. That's 600 miles in 10 days where I got caught in the rain, I had dogs chase me, I went through the mountains a bit. I also snowboard a bit in Colorado. I hit double black diamonds, the trees, the moguls, etc. So yeah, I think endurance competitions will really suit me the best."

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However, it's possible that Cameron's confidence might turn into cockiness, which could easily backfire on him. Cameron has already declared that he's "a better version of Ian," which is a pretty arrogant attitude for someone who hasn't yet stepped foot in the Big Brother house. But if he can back up that claim with actual great gameplay, more power to him.

Christmas Abbott, Big Brother​
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Christmas, the fitness superstar: Although it'd be easy to write Christmas off as just a physical competitor, she insisted to us that she's more than just her muscles. "I really love puzzles and mind games," she revealed. "And so I really hope that I get to excel there. Let my nerd flag shine."

If she is the "triple-threat" she claims to be, Christmas could follow a Victor-like path to success (but hopefully without as many evictions). But don't expect her to play too dirty to win. "I have really, really concrete core values and I'm not big on lying and scheming," she said. "I'm big on listening and suggesting."

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It's possible that Christmas' core values could lead to her taking on a puppeteer role, slyly pulling the strings from afar while being buddy-buddy with everyone in the house. Alternatively, it might just mean that when push comes to shove, Christmas won't be willing to do what it takes to stay in the game.

Josh Martinez, Big Brother​
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Josh, the haircare salesman: Josh caught our attention for all the wrong reasons. When speaking with us, he called himself a "natural flirt" and admitted that after only being sequestered for a week, he's already desperate for female affection. "I need a girl to f---ing give me some love," Josh said.

Despite that craving for hugs and kisses, Josh insisted he isn't planning on getting involved in a showmance. If he does, however, Josh said that he won't hesitate before evicting his showmance if it will help his game. In fact, he even calls himself "cold-hearted" because that's the only way to play the game. But after last summer's showmance-heavy season, the last thing we need is a lot of relationship drama in the house this year.

Plus, we can already tell he might rub his fellow houseguests the wrong way. He's definitely a likely candidate to play too hard and flame out fast -- but not before making some major waves.

Big Brother will airs Wednesdays at 8/7c, Thursdays at 9/8c and Sundays at 8/7c.

Additional reporting by Megan Vick

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