Victor got evicted from Big Brother 18 on Thursday, but he has no regrets about how he played the game this week.

"I don't think there's anything different I could have done," he tells via email.

His Road Kill victory could have caused some chaos had he kept it a secret. Instead, he broadcasted it to the people he correctly suspected were going to backdoor him to try to engender trust. "I knew I was going to be backdoored, I said it," Victor says. "If I put anyone else up, it would have been the same outcome, I believe. If anything it would have made people more suspicious of me."

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Victor's fate was basically sealed thanks to his alliance with Jozea, and if you couldn't tell by his tears over on Sunday's show, he truly never thought the "messiah" and his followers were ever in danger until Jozea's eviction. "At the time, I believed my side was in a good position," he says. "If it wasn't for two flipped votes, we would have had the majority." (In case you have short-term memory, no one flipped.)

Of course, the New Orleans native could return to the game if he wins the Battle Back, and it'll be no more Mr. Nice Vic.

Victor, Big Brother 18Victor, Big Brother 18

"While I was in there originally, I tried not to ruffle feathers," he says. "What I know now, being evicted 9-1, I'd go back with no filter and not try to be nice to everyone. I'd go in Rambo."

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