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Big Brother 18's Tiffany: Paulie's "Nipples Will Be Calm" Now

Who would she have targeted had she returned?

Joyce Eng

Tiffany was one row of misplaced signs away from returning to the Big Brother 18 house in Friday's Battle Back competition. And had she beaten Victor in the final round, Da'Vonne would not have been No. 1 on her hit list, despite Day's petty goodbye message and her having made Tiffany a target weeks ago.

"[Her message] didn't bother me," Tiffany tells TVGuide.com via email of Day's "I beat you" taunt. "At the end of the day, I was the one that put her up. It is what it is. No hard feelings."

It's a different story when it comes to the person who put her up. Just like how he lasered in on her this week, Tiffany says she would've gone after Paulie had she re-entered the game. "I would have aligned with Frank, Nicole, Corey and Bridgette, and put up Paul as a pawn and made [Paulie] the target," she says.

Big Brother 18: 24 times Paulie was too obsessed with Vanessa

That would've been some karma for Paulie, who was hell-bent on evicting Tiffany because of his weird obsession/hang-up/complex with her sister Vanessa, and yet has coasted through the game without anyone targeting him for his brother Cody. Even Vanessa remarked on that "double standard" on Thursday's episode. But Tiffany understands why Paulie's sibling connection has been able to fly under the radar.

Tiffany, Big Brother 18 Sonja Flemmiing, CBS

"I think Vanessa was a stronger player than Cody, so that put a bigger target on my back," she says. "Cody had a really strong social game, but what people most fear is a strong strategist."

Paulie's fear of Vanessa manifested in him not only being incapable of keeping her name out of his mouth for more than five minutes, but trying to provoke Tiffany to break her down. When she didn't back down during one of their fights on the feeds last week, Paulie stayed pressed and Tiffany created a BB Hall of Fame hashtag for him: #calmyournipples.


"At the time, he was definitely squirming in his boots," she says. "But I guess now that he's got me out of the house, his nipples will be calm."
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