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Big Brother 18's Natalie Explains Why She Didn't Throw Nicole and Corey Under the Bus

Plus: What is she doing with Mr. Jenkins?

Joyce Eng

Did Natalie throw James under the bus?

It definitely came off that way when she talked to Paul and Victor earlier this week on Big Brother 18, telling them, "I put trust in the wrong people's hands. I really trusted James and his opinion."

After she was evicted Thursday night, Nat insisted to Julie Chen that she did not betray her ride-or-die (though she did ice him out a lot), and that the traitors she was referring to were Nicole and Corey, whom James trusted to a fault and then turned on Jatalie.

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Which begs the question: Why didn't she make it explicitly clear that she was talking about Nicorey? Natalie answers our burning questions below. Plus: See what she plans to do with Bridgette's beloved plant, Mr. Jenkins.

When you apologized to Victor and Paul, you only said James' name. Why didn't you outright name Corey and Nicole if they were who you were talking about?
Natalie: Honestly, I was just over the he-said-she-said thing. I knew that I was going home and I thought that it was obvious that I was implying about Corey and Nicole and that their faults were already known.

Natalie, Big Brother 18

Natalie, Big Brother 18

Sonja Flemmiing, CBS

Why didn't you push James more to evict Corey instead of Victor? Do you regret not doing so?
I did push James very, very hard to evict Corey. I kept pushing and pushing him, but at the end of the day you can't force anyone to do anything. I woke up on nomination day and I told James I thought we should evict Corey. At the end of the day, he made a good decision because he is still in the [game]. Victor was the biggest threat in the house at the time so he thought he was making a good decision for the entire house.
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You had been championing for a girl to win. If James can't win, are you rooting for Nicole even though you feel betrayed by her?
Yes, one hundred percent. I hope Nicole goes far. I feel like girls get bashed a lot for doing the same thing guys do in the game. Because they are girl[s], it targets them even more. Nicole has played a very good, hard game and she has been able to cover all of her tracks. I do respect her game. I am all about girl power. If you are a girl and you played a great game, I respect it.

Are you surprising Bridgette with Mr. Jenkins? Did you take good care of him?
YES!! I did take good care of Mr. Jenkins. I watered him and I took him out for some suntanning time. I love Bridgette and I admire her. She is a good person. We were both blindsided by her eviction so I am hoping to bring some cheer to her.

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