Love is dead, you guys. The most adorable Big Brother 18 showmance hit the skids this week, when James and Natalie found themselves on the block, ultimately ending with Nat's eviction on Thursday. If you ask Nat, it's all James' fault, since he, against her warnings, saved Corey instead of Victor two weeks ago, only for Nicole and Corey to turn on Jatalie. And she made sure everyone knew it, even telling Vic and Paul that she shouldn't have trusted James. But no one faced her wrath more than her ride-or-die himself.

Here are the 13 most awkward Jatalie moments in their final week together.

1. When she called him out straight-up.

2. And he knew she was right.

3. When she wouldn't let him forget it.

4. When she gave him the cold shoulder.

5. And denied it.

6. When she put him in the hot seat.

7. When she crushed his heart.

8. And then toyed with it.

9. When she kicked him out of bed.

10. When her passive-aggressiveness peaked.

11. When he called her something that definitely isn't on the dollar menu.

13. When he questioned his life choices.

13. When it was a nightmare dressed like a daydream.

But don't worry, they're still soul mates. The heart is a fickle thing.

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