Tuesday's episode of Big Brother 18 features the beloved comic book comp — and you are going to die when you see Michelle's. Or should we say "cry"?

Big Brother went savage on Big Meech, immortalizing the self-professed #VomitCrybaby as a Godzilla-sized petulant baby terrorizing a city. The tagline: "Someone needs a nap!"

Big Brother 18's Michelle explains her bizarre exit behavior

The only downside is that we won't get to see Michelle's reaction just yet, but as Paul predicted on the feeds Saturday: "She's going to cry for sure, but that's no news to anyone." He's not wrong.

Check out our exclusive first look at Big Meech's comic, which was designed by Andy Smith and Brad Vancata, below.

This week, Big Brother airs Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 8/7c on CBS.

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