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Has there ever been a Real Housewives dinner party that didn't end disastrously?

On last week's explosive episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, aptly titled "Dinner Party From Hell," tensions between the ladies spun out of control, and some seriously hurtful words were slung across Camille Grammer's dining room table.

"I was completely appalled," housewife Kyle Richards, who has had beef with Camille all season, tells of the incident. "I thought it was the scariest mean-girl scenario I've seen."

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But even when Kyle and the other Housewives opted to remove themselves from the situation, the drama kept going, as Camille and her guest, psychic medium Allison Dubois, continued to talk trash about Kyle and her family. "I don't give a sh-- what she says about me!" Dubois, who inspired CBS' Medium, declared while puffing away on an electronic cigarette. "She can f--- off. I can tell you when she will die, and what will happen to her family. I love that about me!"

Richards was not amused. "Who talks like that?" she says. "Who would even put that out there?"

But when it comes to the insults, Kyle says the ones that really sting aren't those directed at her. "The comments about me — as upsetting as they are — aren't as upsetting as the comments about my husband and my friends because they didn't sign up for this," she says. "Those were low blows and were premeditated."

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So is there chance for reconciliation between the Kyle and Camille?

"In spite of everything we've been through, I'm not the kind of person to hold a grudge. I'm known for that," Richards says.  "So, if she were to come to me and say 'I feel bad about what happened' ... I would be open to that."

Watch Kyle's full interview below: