James Marsters and Tom Welling James Marsters and Tom Welling

Question: Can you please bestow some Smallville news upon us?

Answer: First off, the show is kicking ass on Thursday nights. We're talking triple-digit gains over what WB had been averaging on Thursday nights last fall. It has also reclaimed its position as WB's most-watched show, a miraculous feat considering its formidable competition on that night. And wait until you see what producers have in store for sweeps. On second thought, don't wait just keep reading! (SPOILER ALERT!) Tensions between Clark and Braniac spike, culminating in an explosive fight; look for Lois to go undercover as a stripper to investigate the murder of a young girl; Martha contracts a mysterious disease from the planet Krypton and is given hours to live; and we'll find out what happens when Clark has a run-in with Silver Kryptonite (read: paranoid much, Clark?).