Kanye West Performs "Stronger" with Daft Punk and "Hey Mama" As much as the cocky rapper continues to irk us with his high and mighty comments regarding who deserves certain awards (that acceptance speech definitely put us over the edge- see it here if you missed it), we still have to admit he is a damn good performer. His Kanye-from-the-future performance of "Stronger" was equally as good as his tribute to his mama.

Amy Winehouse Performs and "Rehab" Via Satellite We all were waiting with baited breath to see if Amy Winehouse would either pull a Britney or kill it when it came time for her live satellite performance. Despite all the insanity going on in her life, Winehouse still managed to pull off a pretty good performance. You could see she was full of nerves, but she sung right through them and even managed to smirk for the cameras when it came time for the irony of her song lyrics in "Rehab."
Across the Universe
Cast Performs The Beatles "Let It Be" Even on our second and third time around watching this performance, we still get goose bumps. The song, the little boy from the movie, the way they synched it up to the weepy scenes from the movie that were playing in the back- we're getting all teary-eyed just writing this up! Carrie Underwood Performs "Before He Cheats"Idol alum Carrie Underwood has always impressed us with her pipes, but we have to say we weren't excepting anything ground breaking in her "Before He Cheats" performance. Low and behold, the next thing you know, out she comes with pipe and chain wielding ladies beating on trucks and various other pieces of scrap metal. Greaaaat, now we're gonna have an undeniable urge to key someone's car for the rest of the day. Josh Groban & Andrea Bocelli Tribute to Luciano Pavarotti Now normally this genre of music hasn't been our thing, but something about Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban's tribute performance to Luciano Pavarotti was unbelievably moving. The English with the Italian lyrics and the power behind those voices just left us speechless. For more great videos, check out our Online Video Guide now! Your take: Did you love Kanye's futuristic performance? Did The Beatles cover bring tears to your eyes? Tell us your favorite moment of the night.