Best Friends Forever, Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham Best Friends Forever, Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham

In real life, Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham are pals and writing partners. On TV, they play "Jessica" and "Lennon," the two besties who move back in together, along with Lennon's boyfriend (Luka Jones) on NBC's new comedy Best Friends Forever (Wednesdays, 8:30/7:30c). St. Clair and Parham co-created the show and executive produce along with Scot Armstrong (Old School), Alexa Junge (Friends), Ravi Nandan and director Fred Savage — yes, that Fred Savage. St. Clair and Parham filled out our show-runner survey to explain why we should become BFFs with Best Friends Forever.

TV Guide Magazine: I've got room for just one new show on my DVR. Tell me why it should be yours.
Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham: If you have a best friend or have a significant other who has a best friend, or if you can recite the entire "I need some juice" scene from Steel Magnolias, then you will love our show.

TV Guide Magazine: What happens if we don't watch your show?
St. Clair and Parham: You'll never understand the true meaning of the phrase "fur shorts."

TV Guide Magazine: Give us an equation for your show.
St. Clair and Parham: Best Friends Forever equals Three's Company minus the sexual tension plus the Brooklyn neighborhood from The Cosby Show divided by the heart of The Golden Girls.

TV Guide Magazine: Finish this sentence: "If you like _______, you'll love our show."
St. Clair and Parham: Laughing while you're crying or crying while you're laughing.

TV Guide Magazine: What's the best thing anyone has said or written about your show?
St. Clair and Parham: "You should watch and watch it hard."

TV Guide Magazine: What's an alternate title for your show?
St. Clair and Parham: Friendsbians.

TV Guide Magazine: Jessica and Lennon, you play "Jessica" and "Lennon." Discuss.
St. Clair and Parham: The characters Jessica and Lennon are exaggerated versions of the real Jessica and Lennon. In the show, we heighten both our strengths and weaknesses. Feel bad for our husbands.

TV Guide Magazine: Fred Savage is an executive producer. How do you resist the urge to ask about The Wonder Years?
St. Clair and Parham: We didn't have to. Fred left an autographed copy of his Tiger Beat cover in our trailers on the first day of shooting. Seriously, Fred has become like a brother to us. He is a phenomenally talented director and we were so lucky to have him.

TV Guide Magazine: Showrunner battles are all the rage these days. Pick a rival show, any show, to start a fight with.
St. Clair and Parham: We'd challenge Glee to a chicken fight. Get Ryan Murphy up on Gwyneth Paltrow's shoulders (she's definitely got the upper body strength from all those Tracy Anderson workouts). Or maybe we could lip sync for our lives!

TV Guide Magazine: What show would you like to do a cross-over episode with — and how would that go?
St. Clair and Parham: Downton Abbey. We'd like to (A) have an excuse to get our paws on some of those olden-days outfits and (B) see Maggie Smith square off against our 9-year-old neighbor Queenetta in a sass-off.

TV Guide Magazine: Let's scare the network. Tell us an idea that didn't make it out of the writers' room.
St. Clair and Parham: We had an idea for an episode where every spring, when the weather warms up, a flasher we call "Bangers and Mash" goes around our neighborhood pressing his "business" up against people's apartment windows. Jessica is offended because she is the only person she knows who this has not happened to.

TV Guide Magazine: What credit of yours would you rather we forget?
St. Clair and Parham: Jessica did a series of Wendy's commercials in which she was forced to karate chop a Chinese chicken salad. Before she turned to comedy, Lennon did a student film where she played a wayward prostitute who battled her captor with the jagged edge of a mirror.

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