Question: My best friend and I are just obsessed with Veronica Mars, and we're dying to know whatever you can tell us.

Answer: Forget what I can tell you. Why don't I just share what Jason Dohring (aka Logan, aka TV's best bad boy) can tell you? Or better yet, what maybe he wasn't supposed to tell me but did anyway at the CW's press-tour bash? First, V has occasion in an upcoming episode to ask her ex whether he's ever patronized a lady of the evening. "So Logan has to answer that to her face," Dohring said, channeling his character's discomfort. "She has to ask him a couple of times, too." At that point, even I became uncomfortable, so we moved on to the topic of Veronica and Piz. "He's an awesome character," Dohring said. "Just as an audience member, I would like to see how that dynamic works. And then maybe he can get a bit of a dark side and he and Logan can go off together and start a gang. He's very different from Logan, and I think Veronica needs that quality in her life also. Logan gives very, very little of his time." Yet what time he does give her, I pointed out, we fans eat up. Am I right here? We like them together, but we love them apart. "I totally agree with you, man," he said, adding that something soon will occur that forces them to work together. "So hopefully I finally figured out how to play that banter, like when we're working on a project together instead of being at odds with each other. I think there'll be a little bit of a Tracy-Hepburn thing, so we're just trying to perfect that."