From column A, choose from one of several funny words or phrases, like "jet pack," "masturbating," or "horny." From column B, pick a funny animal, like a bear, raccoon, or manatee.

Congratulations. You've hit upon one method of creating Conan O'Brien characters. (In this case, Jet Pack Raccoon, Horny Manatee, and Masturbating Bear.) But others from Late Night's grotesque menagerie defy any formula, and seem to have fallen, jet pack and all, from comedy heaven.

In recognition of O'Brien's finale episode of Late Night this Friday — and in the hopes that some of his upsetting little friends will join him in his move to The Tonight Show — we now present our five favorite Conan characters ever. (We had to disqualify the elusive Pimpbot — half '70s pimp, half '50s robot — who has apparently destroyed all usable video of himself.)

5. Horny Manatee: One of the dumbest and therefore funniest Conan O'Brien characters, he or she first appeared posing in front of a web-cam. O'Brien's off-the-cuff joke about a fictional website called "" led to NBC's purchase of the site, which O'Brien's staff quickly populated with man-on-manatee action (and other erotic thrills). The site continues to thrive today.

4. Andy's Little Sister Stacy: Played by Amy Poehler before most people knew who she was, Stacy bore a crush on Conan and deep antipathy for any who awakened her wrath — which wasn't hard to do. Her anger seemed to be closest to boiling over around major holidays, as seen in this Thanksgiving clip:

3. Pierre Bernard: Like some of the best O'Brien characters, Bernard seems to be a real person — and a Late Night employee. From his "Recliner of Rage," he offers pointed and indignant commentaries on such topics as The Anime Network, Robotech, and other things no one cares about.

2. Masturbating Bear:
An exhibitionist, diaper enthusiast, and chronic masturbator. What happened to the good old days when bears just mauled people?

1. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog:
You knew he would come out on top, right? After all this time, we still can't quite explain why we're in tears every time we see him — maybe because he's always making fun of our costumes at comic book conventions.

Who or what are your favorite Conan characters?