Paris Hilton by Steve Granitz/ Paris Hilton by Steve Granitz/

Attorney Richard A. Hutton, who on Monday afternoon claimed that Paris Hilton is the "victim" of an "unjust, unfair" legal system, says his client is doing well, this all of but one singular day into her 23-day "incarceration." Confined to her cell for 23 hours a day, Hutton says Paris is "using this time to reflect on her life, to see what she can do to make the world better and hopefully, in my opinion, change the attitudes that exist about her." That is, when she's not laboring to fashion a shiv out of an emery board, to ward off Big Ethel during her hour in the yard.

As for Paris' non-Hilton-caliber accommodations, the AP quotes a recently released inmate as saying the Century Regional Detention Facility - a 13-year-old, two-story concrete building nestled beneath a freeway - is "so filthy, it's worse than skid row," to the point that a pamphlet on infections is required reading. Adds the ex-con, "That place is hell" - kind of like the Chateau Marmont when it runs out of Kristal.

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