Question: I am begging for some Heroes scoopage about Sylar. I read that Sean Bean is going to be playing him. Is that true?

Answer: Sean Bean is not playing Sylar; that was a full-on foiler. And the dude we saw in the preview for next week's episode also isn't Sylar; that's a full-on red herring. I believe the real Sylar will be played by an actor no one has ever heard of, and introduced on Dec. 20. Speaking of Heroes, my FFPOTP Greg Grunberg stopped by the TV Guide offices yesterday and unloaded a huge shipment of spoilers. You can see for yourself in this exclusive video interview, which we did inside my office! (If it's not up by the time this column posts, keep checking back.) For those video-challenged folks out there, here's a little teaser: Greg revealed that he recently shot his first scenes with Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere. Also, at the very end of our interview, Greg offers to do something that would finally make Ask Ausiello the household name it was always destined to become. This could be huge for us me!