Beauty and the Beastfans won't have to wait long for Vincent (Jay Ryan) to get down on one knee.

"There will be a proposal," star Kristin Kreuk confirmed when we pressed her about that Season 3 teaser. "It will happen very quickly and it sets the stage for the season, [which is] about their relationship moving forward and what it will take for them to get either a wedding or whatever they want. Essentially, 'the Beasties' will be very happy with certain things."

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But c'mon, you didn't think it would be all hearts and flowers, did you? Kreuk adds that the couple's new living situation will create tension between the couple. "It brings up stuff for Vincent. It's outside of his logical, conscious mind and more of a primitive [issue]," she says. "They have to deal with that and how they define their relationship if it's not in the context of bad guys. How do they exist? Can they be normal and will they be fulfilled that way?"

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