Patrick Swayze, The Beast Patrick Swayze, The Beast

Patrick Swayze's new cop drama, The Beast, made its television debut Thursday night on A&E, and according to the show's producers and co-creators, Bill Rotko and Vincent Angell, there's a good chance the cancer-stricken actor may back for a second season.

"He's doing good, and he'll be getting out of the hospital soon," Rotko told gossip site These Boots Are Made for Stalking while attending a private screening of the show in Chicago Wednesday. "He has pneumonia. It is not that serious. It was more of a precautionary move. He missed a day and a half of work in five months. He's a tough son of a bitch. We're hoping he'll be back for a second season!"

That "tough son of a bitch" was so tough, that he even did all his stunts during Beast's filming. "He hit people, he shot a few people, he ran after people, he broke necks, he jumped off the sides of buildings, he jumped onto banisters," Angell said.  

Angell is also very optimistic about Swayze's return. "I spoke to him right before I came to Chicago last night," Angell told the Boots girls. "He's great. He sounds great. He is proud of what he's done."

In the new series, Swayze plays bad-ass FBI agent Charles Barker. "I said, 'Wow this guy can actually do this part' and not only that, but he can change the way that people view him," Rotko said. "Not that it was bad to view him from Dirty Dancing and Ghost, but it had always been the romantic lead and we wanted to turn him into something different."

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